Choosing the Best Diamond Clarity for an Engagement Ring


Flawless diamonds come with expensive price tags. However, first-time diamond buyers need to know that you need not choose an internally flawless diamond to guarantee beauty and impeccable quality. If you want to customize a ring for your upcoming engagement, it pays to learn a few tricks to ensure you choose a diamond that fits your needs and budget.

Consider SI1 clarity diamonds

If you are one of those men who prefer to choose a ring with two or more diamonds, experts recommend opting for diamonds in SI1 clarity. These gems, more popularly known as eye-clean diamonds, exhibit brilliant quality. Its marks remain unseen to the naked eye.

Choose diamonds with GIA certification

Quality diamonds weighing more than 0.30 carats typically come with a report. To get the most bang for your buck, shop diamonds from reputable dealers that sell diamonds with GIA reports. The Gemological Institute of America implements a strict grading process to assess diamonds’ clarity and overall quality. Unfortunately, some laboratories have substandard systems that grade lower-quality diamonds as better quality. Therefore, it is vital to shop around and purchase diamonds that issue GIA reports with every diamond purchase.

Pick VS1 clarity for step cut diamonds

If you wonder what is the best diamond clarity for step-cut gems such as Baguette, Carré, and Emerald cut diamonds, experts in California advise choosing those with VS1 clarity. These diamonds feature inclusions and blemishes that can be easily seen with magnification but are harder to detect by the naked eye.

Ideal clarity for bigger diamonds

Inclusions in diamonds weighing more than 1.5 carats are more visible to the naked eye due to their larger table facet. Small marks below the table are easily visible without magnification. It can be challenging to sport a flawless diamond with higher carats, or in some cases, you will need to pay more for bigger diamonds with excellent clarity.

Best clarity for smaller diamonds

Marks and inclusions are less obvious in smaller-sized diamonds. Engagement rings with a cluster of smaller diamonds will still look bright and brilliant despite their average clarity. A multiple cluster diamond ring that appears less brilliant is caused by inclusions in the diamonds. Only consider purchasing a multi-cluster diamond ring with excellent brilliance under any lighting.

Obtain a diamond certificate

When shopping for a diamond, it’s always best to view or obtain a diamond certificate. If budget permits, purchase from a shop that issues diamond certificates graded by a reputable diamond grading laboratory such as the GIA. A diamond certificate will enumerate all diamond characteristics, including carat weight and vital diamond tables measurements. All diamond characteristics are enumerated in a diamond certificate, including the total carat weight of the stone and a comprehensive diamond tables measurement.

Final thoughts

Diamond clarity for engagement rings is determined by its appearance, eye visibility, nature, location, and relief of the inclusions. Narrow down your selection to diamonds assessed by expert graders to obtain a highly accurate grade for diamond clarity. Image:

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