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    Chinese mass media claims to display images of missing tennis stars

    China’s national media has released a video aimed at showing Peng Shuai in public, trying to quell international concerns about the Chinese government’s treatment of missing tennis stars.

    Peng I haven’t seen or heard From early November. She claimed via social media that former Chinese deputy prime minister Zhang Gaoli had attacked her at least once before establishing a long-term relationship with a strong politician.

    Her case has already received widespread attention to Chinese authoritarian practices. censorship, Forced disappearance When Suppression of women’s rights movement..

    Hu Xijin, editor of nationalist outlet Global Times, one of a series of social media posts on Twitter, not reported in China, said: I want to be disturbed. She will appear publicly and will soon participate in several activities. “

    President Hu later posted two video clips, claiming that he had shown Peng having dinner at a restaurant on Saturday night.

    Steve Simon, CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association, said the video was “insufficient” to prove Peng’s safety.

    “Meeting her is positive, but it’s unclear if she’s free and able to make her own decisions and take action without coercion or external intervention. .. I said from the beginning. As such, I continue to be concerned about Peng Shuai’s health and safety, and allegations of sexual assault being censored and wiped out under the rug. “

    Episodes too Boycott rise Of the Beijing Winter Olympics scheduled to start in February Human rights violations In Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

    Previously, state television employee Shen Siway posted a photo of Peng holding a cat surrounded by toys on Twitter. He claimed that the photo was shared by Peng’s friend.

    “I don’t think Peng Shuai was mistreated, so I want to believe in the authenticity of these photos, and I’m confident that the false speculations surrounding her will eventually be shattered,” Fu said. Said.

    The Financial Times could not see the images or videos. Peng’s November 2nd social media post has not been confirmed.

    © Via Reuters

    White House spokesman Jen Psaki earlier said the United States was “deeply concerned” about Peng and told Chinese authorities “providing independent and verifiable evidence of her whereabouts and she is safe.” I asked.

    “All reports of sexual assault need to be investigated. We support the ability of women to speak and be accountable, both here and around the world,” said Pusaki.

    “And we know that China has not tolerated any criticism and there are records that silenced the speaker, and we continue to blame those practices,” she said of the People’s Republic of China. Added by mentioning the official name.

    The biggest professional tennis stars such as Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have joined the top tennis organization to publicly support former top-ranked doubles player Penn. In addition to guaranteeing the safety of the 35-year-old, there are widespread calls for an investigation of her allegations against Zhang.

    Last week, the association I’m willing to pull the event out of China, And added: “I am clear about what needs to happen and my relationship with China is at a crossroads.”

    Zhang, who is now retired and 40 years older than Peng, joined the Politburo Standing Committee, the most powerful organization of the Chinese Communist Party, in 2012. The detailed accusations against Peng’s officials are unmatched in China and remain censored.

    Chinese mass media claims to display images of missing tennis stars

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