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    China detects more Omicron cases as cities tighten restrictions

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    China reported more cases of highly infectious Omicron coronavirus variants on Monday, and authorities are wary of a relapse in major cities just weeks before the Beijing Winter Olympics.

    The emergence of rapidly expanding variants is yet another test of China’s zero COVID strategy, and authorities are already fighting several outbreaks. city Residents were in the third week of the blockade.

    Fear of infection clusters in cities north of Tianjin has increased. This was associated with two cases of Omicron reported in the city of Anyang about 400 km (250 miles) away on Monday.

    The general public You shouldn’t leave Tianjin unless you need to. ” City officials Said in a statement on Sunday.

    He added that those who need to leave the country must have a negative virus test within 48 hours of leaving the country with official permission.

    School and university campuses have been closed and trains from Tianjin to Beijing have been cancelled.

    A road checkpoint has been set up for vehicles entering the capital.

    Just 150 kilometers from Beijing, Tianjin has already ordered inspections of all 14 million inhabitants.

    No viral strain has been identified, but 21 more cases were reported in the city on Monday.

    CCTV footage from the state broadcast showed masked people lining up for virus testing from healthcare workers in white hazmat suits on Sunday in Nankai District, Tianjin.

    GuQing, director of the Tianjin Health Commission, told reporters over the weekend that the new incident was “mainly students and their parents attending the same nursery and school.”

    Outbreak of Henan

    The world’s most populous countries, where coronavirus was first detected in late 2019, delayed the spread of the virus through a zero COVID strategy that included targeted blockades, border restrictions, and long-term quarantine.

    The total number of cases reported in China is much lower than other viral hotspots such as the United States and Europe, but there are widespread concerns about the effects of Omicron.

    Authorities in Anyang City, central Henan Province, also announced inspections of all residents (more than 5 million people) over the weekend.

    On Monday, the city reported two cases of Omicron associated with the Tianjin cluster.

    Henan reported 60 new cases on Monday, but did not categorize the aggregate by variety. The state capital, Zhengzhou, has closed schools and kindergartens and stopped restaurants from accepting customers to eat.

    Prior to the latest cluster, China reported only a handful of cases of Omicron, all of which are associated with imported infections.

    Authorities are particularly wary of a major outbreak ahead of Beijing’s February 4-20 Winter Olympics.

    The global event coincides with a busy Lunar New Year holiday where millions of people travel around the country.

    China reports the first Omicron case

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