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    Chicago PD’s Jesse Lee Soffer, Upstead Marriage, Sex Scene

    Intelligence shift. Episode on Wednesday, December 8th Chicago PD, Not only Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) Eventually face Voight (Jason BegheAnd changed — well, everything — he also took a big step in his relationship with Haley (Tracy Spiradacos).

    Jay told his boss that he would now be able to participate in all conversations after choosing to intimidate the FBI instead of intimidating Voight and his fiance.

    “I think Jay has grown and changed in so many ways after nine seasons of work with Voight,” said 37-year-old Soffer. We weekly Only for big moves. “This helps the dynamics between Jay and Voit grow and shift positively. It’s a whole new storyline between those two who have different kinds of relationships, different kinds of mutual respect. It helps …. I was really excited. “

    George Burns Junior / NBC

    The conversation seemed to imply that one day Jay might take over his boss — the idea that three Emmy nominees laughed.

    “Voit doesn’t go anywhere. He is hank voight“Soffer said We.. “We’re now over the episode that the dynamics are a little different. How the writer writes it, and Voit comes to Jay,” Okay, let’s talk about this. This is my personal. What do you think about it?’”

    But male interactions were not the most shocking part of the episode. The last moment revealed that Jay and Haley decided to get married in court — then spend a pretty romantic and sultry night in the bedroom.

    “It all felt like the next natural step. The two characters were talking about marriage, I think, End of last season“He explained Upstead. “Overcoming all the bumps and dips on these roads … it was like,” OK, we’ve passed all this and we’re still here. ” F–k, let’s do it! “

    Jesse Lee Soffer Tracy Spiradacos Chicago PD Upstead Married

    They are the first couple of intelligence, but when they go to work, “it doesn’t really change anything.”

    “They went to the courthouse and put on a rubber ring. The characters were already together. It was a retrofit.” Let’s do it, “he added. “The next episode begins the day after or a few days after that night, they are wearing rings, someone” Did you get married? “And they said,” Yeah, anyway. What about this case? ”… Is it easy to get married on a TV show? No.Does Marriage Affect Work, It’s Work I’m going to affect my marriage?? Yes, maybe. “

    The episode ended with a love scene between the pair — they’re both pretty familiar at this point.

    “I don’t have time for TV, so it’s okay to say it was intense. It was intense,” said the sofa with a laugh. “It’s the second nature because we’ve been playing partners for a long time and are interested. Also, I’ve been drinking soap for a while and she’s working a ton! It’s okay, Sex scene? Taken.’It was easy. She is a great scene partner. “

    Chicago PD Broadcast on NBC Tuesday at 10 pm EST.

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    Chicago PD’s Jesse Lee Soffer, Upstead Marriage, Sex Scene

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