Chevrolet Suburban US Diplomatic Limousine Ordered for $ 36.4 Million Program


  • Develop and build the first 10 armor Chevrolet Suburban GM’s defenses, an SUV for diplomats and prominent government officials, recently won a $ 36.4 million development contract.
  • It hasn’t been announced how these SUVs will differ from the standard model, but GM says it will use its own body-on-frame chassis and suspension setup, as well as many off-the-shelf components.
  • If the Department of State is happy with the first batch, orders for 200 units per year, for a total of 1800 units, could be placed in nine years.

    You can certainly choose the option Chevrolet Suburban Stickers are expensive, but no matter what options or features you put in, they can’t match the amount the US State Department spends on 10 dedicated, rugged suburbs over the next two years. Of course, these aren’t standard SUVs, but they are SUVs that use their own body-on-frame chassis and suspension, even in security detail upgrades. Total Government Development Contracts: $ 36.4 million, or technically $ 3.64 million per suburb.

    Details of the rugged suburbs have not yet been discussed, but GM (specifically GM Defense LLC) has used some of its funding to “need to support the government’s improved vehicle performance. Develop new chassis and suspension systems. Requirements with higher loading capacity and heavier ground vehicle weight. “In other words, armor and security components for prominent government representatives such as diplomats.

    “The victory of our development contract speaks to our long-standing legacy of exceeding transport capacity. Our new HD Suburban offers government-specific advanced mobility solutions, [the Diplomatic Security Service]”GM Pentagon President Steve Dumont said in a statement.

    Not all federal suburbs will be newly created. GM has announced that it will use “important” off-the-shelf parts in its HD Suburban. Among them are the body, exterior, propulsion, interior and brakes. It will leave much of the development funding spent on fine-tuning the “advanced manufacturing tools and technologies, including fixtureless assembly and flexible manufacturing,” which GM said will be used to build these SUVs. GM said these technologies will help build these types of low-volume products more efficiently and reduce costs.

    If you’re building 10 vehicles on a budget of $ 36 million, keeping manufacturing costs down may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a lot of mods that the Department of State buys from GM. It may just be the first in the suburbs. GM Defense announced that it will deliver this first vehicle next spring. After that, when the development contract is concluded around May 2023, the government plans to order 200 HD Suburbans every year for nine years. Taxpayers expect each to be well below $ 3 million.

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Chevrolet Suburban US Diplomatic Limousine Ordered for $ 36.4 Million Program

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