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    Cheryl Burke, Cody Riggsby, DWTS Britney Week Post COVID Plan

    He is ready to work, a bitch. Cody Riggsby I can’t wait to dance to classical music Britney Spears 3rd week song Dance with the stars — And he has his partner Cheryl Burke, When she fights the coronavirus, she will be able to join him in the ballroom.

    “It’s all like being in the air [how rehearsals will work]”The 34-year-old Peloton instructor said. We weekly And other reporters later September 27th (Monday) Show.. “Obviously, option A is to rehearse with a sub-partner for a week, as there are several options here, and also play with that person, depending on when Cheryl is cleared. Then the other option I might dance with the submarine and then Cheryl is safe that day [of the show] I will dance with me on Monday at the last minute. It is undecided. All of this is determined by those who are familiar with the COVID and CDC guidelines, so we are steering their obligations. “

    Burke, 37, despite being vaccinated COVID-19 test positive September 26th (Sun), one day before the live show of the second week. The pair was able to remain in the competition on Monday night but was unable to enter the ballroom. Instead, Judges scored them based on dance Recorded during their rehearsal at the beginning of the week.

    Courtesy of Instagram / Cody Rigsby

    “Cheryl joins Zoom Call … teaches choreography, gives notes, and is there at every stage,” a fitness guru added on Monday about plans for next week. A professional dancer said the music was “intense” in the third week.

    “Cody has his moment first and he’s going for it, but we still have to chacha, and we have to Represents an issue This is Chacha content, “added the two champions. “But there are certainly many places that use the entire floor, like the entire ballroom …. I’m going to be the ultimate dance mom here. [from home].. I’m really good at it, it happens naturally. “

    Native California species also gave reporters up-to-date information on her health, pointing out that she felt completely “normal” on Monday night.

    “Yesterday was pretty bad. I was very crowded, I couldn’t breathe through my nose.. Today, after a good night’s sleep, I feel normal, “Burke explained, adding that the flood of support helped. “Everyone will send you chicken soup! The chicken soup decanter is for one year and there are many cases. Everyone was very sweet. Thank you for all your support and happiness.”

    Dance with the stars Broadcast on ABC Monday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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    Cheryl Burke, Cody Riggsby, DWTS Britney Week Post COVID Plan

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