Monday, December 6, 2021

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    Chaos at Atlanta Airport after Passengers Accidentally Fire a Gun | Atlanta

    Passengers waiting for a search at Atlanta A major security checkpoint at the airport reached his bag and grabbed a firearm, which disappeared and caused confusion among travelers, officials said.

    According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), passengers ran with guns from the checkpoint and escaped from the exit of the airport. Officials said the discharge was accidental.

    Police later said they had issued an arrest warrant for 42-year-old Kenny Wells, a passenger identified as a convicted serious offender.

    Airport police commander Maj Reginald Moorman has been investigated by Wells for carrying hidden weapons at commercial airports, possessing firearms by convicted serious offenders, firing firearms, and reckless acts. Said that.

    “We are actively pursuing this individual while we are talking,” Mooreman said in a press conference between TSA and airport officials Saturday evening.

    The discharge caused enthusiasm on social media as a vigilant traveler posted a video on Twitter and other sites explaining and explaining the moments of turmoil and turmoil at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest in the United States. I did.

    Officials said the three were slightly injured. TSA officials said no one was shot.

    “I was fortunate that no one was seriously injured when the firearms disappeared,” said Robert Spinden, TSA’s Federal Security Director. GeorgiaSaid at the airport briefing. Authorities did not immediately reveal the types of weapons involved.

    Social media users then reported that there was a long line and some people missed the plane. The incident preceded the peak of the Thanksgiving holiday travel season, as people are still addressing concerns about traveling safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The FAA ordered a temporary ground outage, but airport officials said the operation did not stop and the airport was not closed. They said the airport returned to normal operation within two hours.

    Passengers caught by firearms at airport checkpoints face civil penalties. According to the TSA, firearms can be unloaded and placed in checked baggage if packed in a locked hardside case.

    Last month, federal officials reported a surge in firearm attacks at Atlanta airports. This is part of a record year for the number of guns detected at airport security checkpoints.

    According to the TSA, nationwide, by October 3, this year, 4,495 airline passengers were blocked from bringing firearms on board, surpassing previous records of catching firearms at checkpoints throughout 2019. I did.

    Last month’s official news release pointed out that records came, despite the continued decline in passengers due to the pandemic. Authorities did not provide an explanation or theory for the surge in gun attacks.

    Chaos at Atlanta Airport after Passengers Accidentally Fire a Gun | Atlanta

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