Champagne sales are approaching the levels seen before the Covid pandemic


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Pop those corks.

Champagne sales have skyrocketed to what they were before Covid’s pandemic hampered sales and kept people away from the celebration.

According to a comprehensive syndicate of champagne winemakers, the gradual reopening of the global bubbling market is expected to drive the sale of an estimated 305 million bottles worldwide in 2021.

People are ready to party again after spending months apart.

“If you have to guess, I think consumers are ready to celebrate even the smallest of life,” said Natalie Pabratos, a spokeswoman for the US Champagne Department.

In 2020, the region suffered an 18% year-on-year decrease, bringing in $ 4.8 billion and exporting 244 million bottles. According to the data Edited by Comite Champagne, an industry association representing champagne producers and homes.

Sales in this sector, France’s second largest export industry after aviation, totaled a loss of approximately $ 980 million. The region last posted a similar total shipment of 307 million units in 2017.

According to Pabratos, the big picture of this year’s champagne sales will not be revealed from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve until the end of the holidays. But she added that the Champagne Department has heard that producers are tracking sales well above last year’s levels. In some places, she said they were ahead of the pre-pandemic pace.

“Therefore, in reality, we may not only get back to normal, but we may also see better performance than in 2019,” says Pavlatos.

In 2019, Champagne House shipped 297.6 million bottles worldwide, most of which were destined for the United States and were worth more than $ 735 million.

In the cellar of a family-owned boutique winery, bottles of Champagne Rene Jeffrey’s Rose de Seigner Premier Cru Brut Champagne are aged.

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London-based International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR) is also tracking the increase in champagne sales in 2021.

IWSR analysts are in the group Beverage market analysis Numbers.

The group has seen a 4% increase in global champagne this year and is expected to see similar annual growth through 2025.

The US champagne market is expected to produce similar numbers.

Champagne sales are approaching the levels seen before the Covid pandemic

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