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    Challenges of game testing

    Game testing is as difficult and sometimes unpredictable as testing any other application. Given the variety of interfaces and interactions that are typical for gameplay, it can be difficult to determine the best way to test them.

    Moreover, you run into specific and sometimes very strange errors that are difficult to localize. For example, the creators of Kevuru Games are careful to ensure that users can enjoy the process of the game. They know well that the consequences of mistakes can seriously damage the reputation of the company, and of course, affect the users.

    Challenges of game testing

    • Inactual tools for work

    Often, in the software testing process, the QA department is faced with the need to use outdated and ineffective tools. They have no choice but to use them, since the management has already bought software licenses, and the client himself wants to build and test the web product with the already purchased interactive tools.

    Yes, it sounds very sad, especially in the age of daily advancing technology. But nothing can be done, and all that remains is to take such events for granted and, if possible, look for alternatives.

    On the other hand, over time, you will have the opportunity to visually convince management that the alternatives used on Project X were very effective than Product Y, which the company has been using for a couple of years.

    • Load Testing

    This test helps assess the ability of the game to remain stable when the user load increases. Engineers simulate the actions of gamers who play in parallel. Such testing is relevant for online games. This type of testing allows you to get answers to the following questions:

    – What will be the behavior of the system in real conditions at different levels and durations of loads?

    – What will be the response time to user requests, as well as the time of stable behavior as the number of users increases?

    – Does the system meet performance requirements?

    – What part of the game is causing it to malfunction?

    – How much reliability and performance does the system have?

    • Burnout

    Many testers cite burnout as a significant problem in their work, explaining that sometimes you have to work on similar tasks, and the work process sometimes requires an accelerated pace and high responsibility. At the same time, other testers believe that their work is so diverse that burnout bypasses them. Apparently, everything depends on the project, tasks and person. In conscious companies, there is a practice of transferring employees from project to project, so that the eyes do not get blurry, and the tester can try himself in something new.

    • The absence of documentation

    When the documentation is missing, only superficial testing using the free search method can be conducted. This immediately turns off some of the alternative scenarios. It happens that there is documentation, but in the process the tasks are modified and the finished product differs from the picture on paper. Again, there are difficulties in testing and in the analysis of bug reports.

    • Multiplayer Feature

    A very important aspect to check and take into account during game tests is multiplayer performance. The defining feature of this type of game is the multitude of players who are present in the game and interact in real time. This is where you need to pay special attention to loading speed while playing and other risks that can interfere with your gaming experience.

    • Boring tasks

    Many people think that game testing is just fun. Such an option would be possible, but: testing a game means testing a certain part of it many times over several days, weeks, months in a row. This is a repetitive activity that requires attention and perseverance. It should also be noted that the tester does not choose the game. However, boring tasks are not limited to the games industry.

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