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    Challenge Pauly Carafiore Explains Johnny Banana’s Reunion

    Fill the hatchery? Maybe so. Paulie Carafiore When Johnny “Banana” Devenanzaio Not always doing well challenge — But things may be. It’s changing.

    Devenanzio (33 years old) once Carla Maria Solbello, That changed after she started dating Carafiole in 2018. 32 years old. Not only did the three not work together at the show, but they also criticized each other’s personal lives on social media for many years, creating a long-standing crack. So the fans last month Brother With alum First Look The host took a picture together at an event in Los Angeles — many wondered if friendships were formed.

    “I’m not going to give anything that was discussed that night. I think Johnny and I have been in each other’s heads for a long time and are in a good resting place. We’re taking enough time where we were able to get rid of ourselves from that aspect of things, “Calafiole said on Thursday, October 7. “Watch With Us” Podcast Episode.. “It wasn’t that much in the game that he and I really got into the head, but it was a cheap shot that was exchanged out of the game. He would exchange a cheap shot. Try a cheaper shot. He will come back with a cheaper shot …. The way we left it is, “Hey, no matter what happens between you and me, exclude her from it and exclude the relationship from it. “was.

    In September 2019, 39-year-old Devenanzio We weekly About his broken friendship with Solbello 35.

    “Our relationship at this point is Almost dead on arrival.. We have significantly reduced our friendship and returned to where the preparasites were in the facility. all right. You have to choose your friend or your boyfriend. She is doing what she has to do. I don’t hate her for that, “said the seven-time winner, 39, at the time. “She’s in the dark right now and there’s a dark person. I don’t blame her for being a little, I feel misguided. I’m sorry …. she’s just another person. She has changed a lot. “

    The two winners also seemed surprised at the reunion on her side, confirming that she hadn’t talked to Devenanzio for years.


    Solbello and Carafiole are now Host their first VIP experience called Ten Escape, they are open to finally returning to the show — but don’t feel the current cast Spies, lies, allies..

    “Now and Then, Here and There, I don’t trust the challenges in their hands,” she said. We.. “I have nothing for newcomers, but these vets don’t justice it.”

    For more information on Calafiore and Sorbello, see the exclusive interview above and subscribe to the WatchWithUs podcast.

    Challenges: spies, lies, allies It will air on MTV Wednesday at 8 pm EST.

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    Challenge Pauly Carafiore Explains Johnny Banana’s Reunion

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