Chainlink Flips MATIC as Most-Traded Token, but ETH Whales Are Grabbing Both


According to the recent analytics data, LINK has flipped MATIC and become the most-traded cryptocurrency among major ETH whales


  • LINK and MATIC are on the list of most popular coins
  • Whales are buying and shifting large MATIC stashes

WhaleStats blockchain analytics platform has spread the word that top 1,000 Ethereum whales are again betting on LINK as it has pushed MATIC from the position of the most-traded token.

Meanwhile, ETH whales continue to purchase both LINK and MATIC as both coins remain on the list of the top-ten purchased tokens.

LINK and MATIC are on the list of most popular coins

Even though, both MATIC and LINK are among the top ten cryptocurrencies that are purchased most often by top Ethereum whales, LINK has so far flipped the native token of Polygon as the most traded asset, as per the data provided by WhaleStats.

These two coins stand next to each other on this list.

FTT remains the largest token by the USD value in the wallets of the largest 1,000 ETH whales.

WhaleStats has also published several tweets showing that whales have been purchasing large amounts of LINK and MATIC.

In the past twenty-four hours, overall a total of 386,464 LINK has been purchased by ETH whales ranked 140, 141 and 4.

The fourth largest whale purchased the biggest amount here – 199,999 LINK worth $3,909,99. The overall amount of this crypto bought constitutes $7,327,414 in fiat.

Whales are buying and shifting large MATIC stashes

A 158-ranked ETH whale has also acquired 2,110,000 MATIC – the equivalent of $3,523,700.

Besides, popular crypto tracker Whale Alert has detected to MATIC transactions much bigger than this one. According to the recent tweets, 5,824,010 tokens (equal to $9,934,626) have been moved from Binance to Gemini and 5,225,344 MATIC (worth 9,987,588) were shifted from Binance to Bitfinex.

MATIC is trading at $1.59 after losing 14.18 percent in the past twenty-four hours. Chainlink is changing hands at $16.09, showing a 16.00 percent drop, according to CoinMarketCap.



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