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    Celtic 2-0 St Johnstone: Giakoumakis nets on first start – New Orleans, Louisiana

    New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-24 08:40:04 –

    Giorgos Giakoumakis opened Celtic scoring account in the first half

    Giorgos Giakoumakis enjoyed the “amazing feelings” of Celtic’s first goal, with Ange Postecoglou’s men defeating stubborn St. Johnstone in four consecutive victories.

    The Greek striker marked his first start in the opening round and Celtic finally confirmed that Josip Juranovic’s penalty was worthy of a home victory.

    Postecoglou’s team remains fourth in the Scottish Premiership, but is now within the points of leaders Hearts, Rangers (against St Mirren on Sunday) and Dundee United.

    St. Johnstone’s second consecutive defeat dropped last season’s Cup Double Winner to 10th place, two points ahead of second-placed Dundee.

    Giakoumakis, a summer autograph session from the Dutch club VVV Venlo, said, “It feels great and I’m very lacking. Certainly it will help my confidence.”

    “I’m not a patient person, so it was a little hard to wait for my strength to regain, but I work hard and get in shape every day.”

    Musk Makis was unleashed from the beginning after impressing him with his victory over Ferencvárosi in the Europa League.

    However, 26-year-old Celtic was brilliantly marshalled by St. Johnstone until the expiration from Callum Booth revoked the hard-working defenses of all visitors.

    Juranovic’s distant, hopeful shot gave the box a looping deflection, Booth missed his attempted clearance, and Anthony Ralston squared for Gear Koumakis to volley over Zander Clark. became.

    It provided relief to the host and discouraged St. Johnstone, who had welcomed defensive linchpin Liam Gordon from injury for his first appearance since August.

    With the exception of Callum McGregor’s drive, which was stopped by Clark’s extended legs, the host had a hard time breaking in until Musk Makis attacked.

    Kyogo Furuhashi, who was widely deployed to the right to accommodate the Greek forward in the role of a central striker, was a perimeter, while Jota on the other side was Celtic’s most vibrant performer.

    St. Johnstone came out with fresh momentum after the break. Jamie McCart headed from the corner and Cameron McPherson sliced ​​high and wide.

    Celtic quickly regained control, and McGregor deflected the drive to a few inches wide, but the host was limited to some clear chances until the end.

    The clinch goal arrived when Jota and Kyogo joined and Japan Forward (moved to the center after Jacoumacus left) was caught by Gordon just inside the box. Juranovic sent Clark from the penalty spot the wrong way.

    Tom Rogic and McGregor were struck by Clark on both sides of a post shot by alternative Mikey Johnstone as St. Johnstone avoided further damage.

    Best Player-Jota

    Benfica Winger
    Benfica Winger’s case on loan for a permanent stay at Celtic gets stronger weekly

    What have we learned?

    Celtic have regained Keyman and continue to gain momentum after Ange Postecoglou’s tenure has made a chaotic start.

    The goal of Musk Makis is to increase the striker’s self-confidence by striving for perfect fitness. Croatian defender Juranovic has demonstrated his qualities after missing four games injured.

    Celtic have now won the league three times in a row, but St. Johnstone has lost three times and scored one in four goals.

    Davidson’s side would ruin the defensive revocation on both goals, but most were solid while lacking the threat on the other side.

    Gordon’s return to the center of defense gave rise to hope for a resurrection. Three of Perth’s men’s next four league matches are at home.

    What did they say?

    Celtic Manager Ange Postecoglou: “This was a game where we didn’t reserve a lot of space in and around the penalty box and knew that the penalty box would never be opened.

    “It was important to stay disciplined, move the ball, and be clinical when the opportunity came. We should have scored two more points in the end because we didn’t allow St. Johnstone to be a threat. . “

    Callum Davidson, Manager of St. Johnstone: “The column booth misunderstood it. It’s not like him. It was long range shooting, and if we deal with it, we won’t give in.

    “I’m not blaming Calm. I don’t think Celtic had a lot of chances in the first half, but we’re punished and the game gets a little harder for us.”

    What’s next?

    Both teams will take premiership action against Edinburgh’s opposition on Wednesday night (19:45 BST), Celtic heading to Hibernian and St. Johnstone hosting Hearts.

    Most Valuable Player



    1. Uniform number17Player nameJota

    2. Uniform number42Player nameMcGregor

    3. Uniform number7Player nameMusk kiss

    4. Uniform number88Player nameJuranovic

    5. Uniform number20Player nameCarter Vickers

    6. Uniform number18Player nameRogic

    7. Uniform number8Player nameToru Furuhashi

    8. Uniform numberFourPlayer nameStar felt

    9. Uniform number56Player nameRalston

    10. Uniform number14Player nameTurnbull

    11. Uniform number19Player nameJohnston

    12. Uniform number15Player nameheart

    13. Uniform number11Player nameAbada

    14. Uniform numberTenPlayer nameAgeti

    St johnstone

    1. Uniform number18Player nameMcPherson

    2. Uniform number1Player nameClerk

    3. Uniform numberFourPlayer nameMcCart

    4. Uniform numberTenPlayer nameWotherspoon

    5. Uniform number2Player nameBrown

    6. Uniform number13Player nameBryson

    7. Uniform numbertwenty onePlayer nameCrawford

    8. Uniform number14Player nameMiddleton

    9. Uniform number6Player nameGordon

    10. Uniform numbertwenty fourPlayer namebooth

    11. Uniform number7Player nameMay

    12. Uniform number9Player nameCain

    13. Uniform number17Player nameVertainen

    14. Uniform numbertwenty fivePlayer nameEfe Ambrose



    Formation 4-3-3

    • 15heart
    • 56Ralston
    • 20Carter VickersBook in 77 minutes
    • FourStar felt
    • 88Juranovic
    • 18Rogic
    • 42McGregor
    • 14Turnbull
    • 8Toru FuruhashiInstead ofAbadaso 81 minutesMinutes
    • 7Musk kissInstead ofJohnstonso 61 minutesMinutes
    • 17Neves FilipeInstead ofAgetiso 86 minutesMinutes


    • 6Bitton
    • TenAgeti
    • 11Abada
    • 19Johnston
    • 29Bain
    • 54Montgomery
    • 57 57Wales

    St johnstone

    Formation 3-4-3

    • 1Clerk
    • twenty fiveAmbroseBook in 79 minutes
    • 6GordonBook in 79 minutes
    • FourMcCart
    • 2Brown
    • 18McPhersonBook in 29 minutes
    • 13BrysonBook in 55 minutes
    • twenty fourbooth
    • 14MiddletonInstead ofCrawfordso 63 minutesMinutes
    • 9CainBook in 77 minutesInstead ofVertainenso 85 minutesMinutes
    • TenWotherspoonInstead ofMayso 70 minutesMinutes


    • 3Divine
    • 7May
    • 12parish
    • 16Muller
    • 17Vertainen
    • twenty oneCrawford
    • 26Craig

    Live text

    1. Match end, Celtic 2, St. Johnstone 0.

    2. The second half ends with Celtic 2 and St. Johnstone 0.

    3. A failed attempt. Josip Juranovic (Celtic) shoots with his left foot from the left side of the box and misses to the right. Support for Tom Rogic.

    4. I tried to save it. Callum McGregor’s (Celtic) left foot shot from outside the box is stored in the upper center of the goal.

    5. It was blocked. Michael Johnston (Celtic)’s left foot shot from the left side of the box was blocked. Support for Josip Juranovich.

    6. Corner, St. Johnstone. Concessed by Cameron Carter Vickers.

    7. It was blocked. A shot of the right foot from the right side of the Stevie May (St. Johnstone) box is blocked. Support for Cameron McPherson.

    8. A failed attempt. Liel Abada (Celtic)’s left foot shot from the center of the box is too high. Support of Albian Ajeti.

    9. Michael Johnston (Celtic) shot from the left side of the box with his right foot and hit the right post. Support by David Turnbull.

    10. Dangerous play by Carl Starfelt (Celtic).

    11. Eetu Vertainen (St. Johnstone) kicks a free-kick in the defense half.

    12. Substitute, Celtic. Albian Ajeti replaces Jota.

    13. Substitute, St. Johnstone. Eetu Vertainen replaces Christopher Kane.

    14. A failed attempt. Cameron Carter-Vickers (Celtic) header from a very close distance misses to the right. Assisted by David Turnbull on the cross leading to the corner.

    15. Corner, Celtic. Concessed by the column booth.

    16. A failed attempt. Anthony Ralston (Celtic)’s right foot shot went off the center of the box to the right. Jota helped me with the cross leading to the corner.

    17. Corner, Celtic. Concessed by Xander Schauffele.

    18. I tried to save it. A shot of Michael Johnston (Celtic)’s right foot from the center of the box is stored in the lower right corner. Jota’s support.

    19. Substitute, Celtic. Liel Abada replaces Kyogo Furuhashi.

    20. goal! Celtic 2, St. Johnstone 0. Josip Juranovic (Celtic) translates the penalty into the lower right corner with a right foot shot.

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    Celtic 2-0 St Johnstone: Giakoumakis nets on first start Source link Celtic 2-0 St Johnstone: Giakoumakis nets on first start

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