CDOT to auction off Globeville land where residents hoped to build park – Denver, Colorado


Denver, Colorado 2022-05-25 18:58:03 –

Denver-Colorado Transport Bureau will auction land lots on Thursday at 4601 Washington Street. There many Globeville residents wanted CDOT or the city of Denver to build a park.

Last summer, Joseph Herrera, who lives in Globeville, started. petition He advocates the creation of a park and hopes that the trees and vegetation in the park will help filter pollution from I-70 traffic just a few feet away.

Land plot backup To the backyard of Herrera.

“If you enter 80216, Globeville will appear as the most polluted zip code in the country,” says Herrera. “I have a migraine. My neighbor, his 13-year-old child, is currently having a headache.”

Most of the land is owned by CDOT, but the land around the fence and near the alleys on the premises is owned by the city and county of Denver.

According to Herrera, after contacting CDOT, the city of Denver and CDPHE, a year later, CDOT began cleaning the property on a regular basis. This property may also be littered with debris and broken glass. CDOT also posts “no littering” and “on sale” signs.

In a statement to Denver, the CDOT Communications Manager for the Denver Metro region said:

“CDOT is required by law to sell surplus real estate at a fair market value. CDOT has followed all legal procedures and requirements for selling real estate on Washington Street. If necessary. , Real estate was first offered to buy on the fair market for all political subdivisions of the state. CDOT is currently accepting public bids on the sale of real estate, with bids on May 26. Finished. CDOT continues to send maintenance patrols to inspect and maintain real estate, including debris and debris. The CDOT crew will perform further sweeps to clean up their rights. “

Mr. Herrera said he wanted the city of Denver to buy real estate and meet his neighbor’s request to build a park. But the city of Denver said the price of land was too high.

“The city of Denver said $ 1.8 million was too much to spend on buying land,” Herrera said.

Herrera is also in contact with Kandy Kudebaka, the representative of the 9 city councils in the Denver district, which represents the area where the land is located.

“On the CDOT side, there was a lot of confusion as it was originally planned to be offered to the city, but at some point it changed,” Cde Baca said. “Millions of dollars is a fair amount. This should return to the community, especially when considering things like reparations. It’s a public parcel.”

CdeBaca states that the park right next to the interstate does not meet safety goals, but Globeville Illyria Swansea needs more green space.

“Given the harm done to this community by this particular entity, CDOT, it wasn’t easy to turn it into a tree lawn,” said Cde Baca.

Herrera says he will continue to fight for more green space and decontamination in his neighborhood, despite Thursday’s auction.

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CDOT to auction off Globeville land where residents hoped to build park Source link CDOT to auction off Globeville land where residents hoped to build park

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