Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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    CCSD bus driver shortage causing students to miss hours of class – Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-15 02:51:31 –

    Las Vegas (KTNV) —The school year began just a few weeks ago, and some students in Clark County School District have already taken long buses or rerouted.

    Alexis Salazar told 13 Action News that her brother’s bus route has been delayed or completely canceled more than a dozen times since the start of the school year. Salazar said he needed to catch up with all the jobs he missed when he got to school.

    “I think it happens three to four times a week in the morning and afternoon. Even this morning, I received an email saying that his bus was about an hour late,” Salazar said.

    Salazar said he was not only worried about his brother’s safety, but he was also worried that he would be late for school.

    “It’s frustrating. I know he’s not the only one. I see all the kids sitting on the sidewalk,” Salazar said.

    CCSD said the problem was fueled by the fact that there weren’t enough drivers. Currently, the school district aims to fill 234 positions.

    “It’s not specific to CCSD. It’s actually far from ideal, and there’s an urgent need to get back on track,” said Mike Casey, CCSD’s Chief Operating Officer. ..

    The school district said it hires all year round, but believes the hiring process also needs to be streamlined. Currently, it can take 8-12 weeks for a bus driver to be certified.

    “I understand with covid and I understand everything that many people don’t want to work with, but it’s still safe for children,” says Salazar.

    A shortage of bus drivers is flowing into the classroom. Students who do not go to school on time are physically marked as absent, but teachers can add comments explaining why their child was late.

    Salazar wants to fix the problem as soon as possible before the students start to lag like his brother.

    “I’m disappointed because I like him.” The bus isn’t showing up. What is the point? You had better stay home, “said Salazar.

    According to CCSD, students who are late for class have the option to supplement their teaching time. The district is also considering partnering with the South Nevada Regional Transport Commission to add bus routes, but CCSD says it is still difficult as the RTC addresses its own shortfalls. I did.

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