Cases of Omicroncovid are less severe than Delta, a new study states


As Omicron Wave covid-19 times wash Europe And in the United States, it’s only a matter of time before variants hit other parts of the world.First spy South Africa, Omicron was Detected Counting by December 22 in 106 countries.The world was here before, due to new variants Record the peak of the case.. But the hope is that the layer of immunity from past infections and vaccines, that is, the layer that currently exists in some combinations in all countries on the planet, is more serious than the serious infections of other variants. It is to significantly reduce the generality of Omicron infections. ..

Three new studies suggest that hope is supported. First, published December 22, researchers at Imperial College London scrutinized early data on Omicron in the United Kingdom. People who were recorded as infected with the subspecies were about 15-20% less likely to seek hospital care and 40% less likely to be hospitalized for one night or more than people in the Delta. I found that. The length of hospital stay was also short.

Omicron cases are less serious on average because they are more likely to re-infect than Delta cases (due to Omicron’s ability to dodge some of the protection given in previous matches). Researchers believe that among people who have not been immunized from either infection or vaccination, the predisposition to hospitalization for Omicron is only 11% lower than that for Delta. However, previous infections have been found to reduce the risk of hospitalization by 55-70%. According to some estimates, about half of the British people had, at some point, covid, a layer of substantial protection from the serious illness of those who captured Omicron.

The second study, published on the same day, was from Scotland, one of the first places where there was a big wave of new variants. Researchers there examined a cohort of people with confirmed covid infections. They found that far fewer cases of Omicron than expected if the mutant was as toxic as Delta ended in hospitalization (whether infected people were vaccinated or other features). After considering). Note that the results apply primarily to patients under the age of 60, as this variant is not yet widespread among the elderly in Scotland. Nevertheless, the results are encouraging. The risk of Omicron infection requiring hospital care is one-third the risk of Delta.

The third study, published the day before, is from South Africa, where the wave of Omicron infections has already peaked. Researchers there require hospitalization for Omicron cases more than non-Omicron cases (mainly Delta) after adjusting for those that affect the likelihood of developing serious illnesses such as age and chronic illness. I found that I was 80% less likely to do it.

All three studies investigated the same question using different data, methods, and groups of people. They differ in the size of their discoveries, as you would expect in such early studies. But they all point in the same direction. So Omicron doesn’t seem to be more serious than Delta. However, it is much more infectious. In the next few days, modelers will be busy calculating how infection and severity offset each other in order to advise the government on what the hospital should expect for the New Year. Many of them are already overstretched.

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Cases of Omicroncovid are less severe than Delta, a new study states

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