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It’s human nature Reflexively classify and classify information encountered in daily life. To influence how prospects understand your brand, you need to present it in a way that helps them decide how to think about your brand.

This process, called positioning, is the most important (and least understood) component of a brand book. Positioning is the message received, not the message delivered. It’s not just what you say, it’s how that information is placed in the customer’s mind. Where do you basically land? Which space will you end up occupying?

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Positioning is, well, taking a position. It’s a bet that instills in the minds of prospects what your brand can independently claim and defend. Positioning statements are a clear and comprehensive way to guide someone about how to think about your company.

It defines and assembles your brand and makes it the central organizational structure of your brand’s message and strategy. To create a positioning statement, you must first do some work to surface its components.

Method is as follows.

Positioning is about the space that a customer occupies in their minds, so you can’t understand how a brand is positioned until you know exactly who that customer is. Brand development has a sequence of operations, and target persona development takes place prior to positioning. It is also helpful to fully develop the spirit of the brand before deciding on the positioning. Understanding who you are and who you serve is an important first input.

Positioning statements serve as the basis for developing key messages, value propositions, taglines, voices and tones.

Once your target customers are established, it’s time to understand your baseline, the context in which consumers see your brand. By providing consumers with a frame of reference, they provide consumers with the information they need to classify, contextualize, and compare their brand to what they are already familiar with.

This is important. This is because potential customers need to consider the equivalent points (that is, what the brand looks like) before considering the points of differentiation (what makes the brand unique). Competitive reference frames tend to be identified to reduce the number of brands that are competing for the attention of their prospects.

The peculiarity of the reference frame tells the customer where to put it. The smaller the category, the more likely you are to own (or at least stand out) it.

exercise: Make a note of the top five brands in the category. If you’re not No. 1 in that category, brainstorm other categories where your brand is first or best.

Some inspiration:

Panera Bread is not the No. 1 fast food chain, but it is the No. 1 fast casual bakery cafe. Their threshold is not trying to compete with established giants like McDonald’s and Starbucks. Instead, categorize Panera into more specific and easy-to-own categories.

White claws aren’t the top canned alcoholic beverages, but it’s the best selzer to get drunk. As such, “Hard Selzer” is an effective reference frame for category-leading brands rather than competing with beer, malt beverages and wine coolers.

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