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    Carole Baskin: I Have a VERY Good Reason for Not Helping Police Find My Husband

    No one is really interested Tiger King 2 Or that twisted attempt to redeem Joe Exotic.

    But that doesn’t mean people have forgotten the documentary star … including Carole Baskin.

    Carol spends time, energy and resources helping big cats, but there’s more. Focused on her missing husband..

    It was recently shared that Carroll had no apparent interest in helping police resolve the case. Why?

    Millions of people have forged bonds Tiger King Blockade. It was a phenomenon.

    But that was a year and a half ago, before a series of chain failures pushed people out of the blockade and exacerbated the pandemic.

    Tiger King 2 Not an original hit, but teeth Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis, reminds us that it hasn’t been seen for decades.

    Carole Baskin did not kill her husband

    Don went missing in the 1990s.

    He hasn’t been seen directly by anyone since he disappeared.

    A few Tiger King Stars, especially shameful Joe Exotic, are happy to suggest that Carol has something to do with Don’s disappearance.

    Carole Baskin of DWTS

    The imaginary story is a bit more imaginative than your average “Black Widow for Money” story.

    Like some twisted urban legends, the idea is that Carol killed her husband and then gave him to her tiger.

    Big cats are wild bone-biting carnivores, but we all Pigs know that they are much more efficient at disposing of human bodies.

    ABC Carole Baskin

    You see, I don’t know what happened to Don, and it’s not so naive that everyone declares it innocent.

    But it’s a bit strange that so many people seem to absorb Joe Exotic’s claims uncritically.

    Joe is behind the bar he belongs to for a series of crimes, such as attempted murder and a series of indescribable animal cruelty accusations, as we remember.

    Show Tiger King Carole Baskin

    In the second documentary, Moises Garcia, the name of a detective in Hillsborough County, spoke on the camera.

    There he discussed the reopened missing person case involving Don Lewis.

    Moises was willing to give the impression that Carroll was completely uninterested in cooperating with the new investigation.

    Carole Baskin Snapshot

    Oh? Why is that so?

    Of course, that means Carol is a murder suspect and therefore doesn’t want to help investigators.

    But Carol has her own explanation.

    Carole Baskin on YouTube

    Carole Baskin spoke TMZ To explain her resistance.

    “No one can get as much from solving the mystery of Don’s disappearance,” she insisted.

    Carroll explained that she was invested “to reveal my name and stop ridiculous rumors.”

    Carole Baskin, husband

    So why doesn’t she help?

    “I don’t know anything that isn’t in the sheriff’s file or in the diary published on,” Carroll said.

    “And in 24 years I’ll never add a clearer memory or anything,” she reasoned.

    Carole Baskin Pic

    Carroll explained that she spent hundreds of hours exploring the document.

    She handed the evidence to the authorities.

    Carol even offered a $ 100,000 reward for discovering Don’s whereabouts.

    Carole Baskin at Home

    Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is said to have discovered that Don is alive and well, that is, living in Costa Rica.

    Carroll recently said she hopes this is true.

    We do so because it is worth it.Frankly, these documentaries became sensational while portraying Carol, who was confirmed convicted. monster In the positive light. It wasn’t perfect for us.

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