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    Carlos Ghosn says German carmakers are ready to take on Tesla

    Carlos Ghosn, whose car executives have turned into international fugitives, believes German automakers are in the best position to challenge electric car leaders. Tesla..

    Ghosn speaks from Lebanon, where the former is Nissan The chairman fled to hint at Japanese authorities, Mercedes-Benz said Volkswagen Specifically, during an interview with CNBC’s Phil Le Beau on Friday. “Exchange”.

    “In my opinion, it would be a German company,” Ghosn said. “The Germans were the first to move quickly after criticizing an electric car in 2008 and mocking it, suddenly realizing that they needed to move.”

    Ghosn, who advertises a new book called “Broken Alliance: Inside the Rise and Fall of the World’s Auto Empire,” said Japanese automakers have been slow to move to electric cars, which will hurt them.He didn’t mention General Motors Also Ford motorBoth have invested billions of dollars in technology.

    Volkswagen has been particularly active in expanding EV sales globally.German automakers account for more than 70% of Volkswagen brand sales in Europe EV until 2030. In the US and China, we expect half of our sales to be EVs by that period.

    Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of Nissan Motor and Renault SA, will make a gesture to speak to the media at the Lebanon Press Syndicate on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 in Beirut, Lebanon.

    Hasan Shaaban | Bloomberg | Getty Images

    Regarding the recent surge in electric vehicle start-ups, Ghosn said many companies believe that “if you put your actions together, you’ll thrive.” He didn’t mention anything by name, but some of the most famous companies include Rivian, Lucido, Fisker When Lordstown Motors..

    “I’m very optimistic about some of the start-ups that are turning around electric and self-driving cars,” Ghosn said.

    Ghosn, who remains innocent, said he had escaped Japan because he had a “zero” chance of getting a fair trial.He secretly fled the country on December 29, 2019 Former US Army Special Forces And his son, both Imprisonment in Japan. Michael Taylor and his son Peter Taylor were arrested by US authorities in Massachusetts in the spring of 2020 and handed over to Japan in March.

    When asked about Taylors, Ghosn reiterated his concerns about the Japanese legal system and their high conviction rate.

    “I feel sick of them, especially if you are a foreigner, I feel sick of everyone who is experiencing the system,” he said.

    Ghosn was initially arrested in Japan in November 2018 for financial misconduct and misuse of corporate resources.

    Ghosn reiterated on Friday hoping to leave Lebanon someday.

    Carlos Ghosn says German carmakers are ready to take on Tesla

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