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Cardi B & Offset Slammed For Covid Birthday Bash

COVID who?

At least, that’s the attitude we’re getting from Cardi B and husband Offset at the moment. On Monday, the WAP rapper attended a party in honor of her beau’s 29th birthday. They documented the entire affair on both of their Instagram accounts, eventually showing how they visited a packed nightclub. Oh, and based on the pics, the couple was sans masks.

For real?! Even though the state of Georgia never set a mandate requiring people to wear them, you would think that ANY celebrity would want to set a good example!

Besides all that, Georgia reported around 3,700 new cases of the disease on December 14 ALONE. What are the two of them even doing?! Oh, yeah, this is from the woman who publicly displayed her “gift” to her husband back on December 13 — a NSFW video where she can be seen twerking on the Ric Flair Drip rapper’s lap.


Not that it really matters, but Cardi – who has admitted LOVING material things – also couldn’t help but show off the gold Lamborghini Aventador SVJ she gifted her hubby only three months after they almost called it quits.

Do Cardi and Offset not care at all about the state of our world? There are people dying right now because of this disease and struggling economically. And she’s off partying and buying half-a-million-dollar cars like it’s nothing.

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We’re not alone in judging the two of them, either. Many took to Twitter after the news dropped and severely questioned their choices as human beings. One person wrote:

“Omg I hope Coronavirus had a great time at Offset’s party! I love Cardi B so much but WHY is she still throwing huge parties? It’s bumming me out.”

Another said:


Cardi and Offset did not comment when asked about the night, but we do have some crumbs that help us understand some their line of thinking here. On Monday afternoon, before the party, Cardi posted a video on her Instagram with a birthday message to her hubs that said:

“I wish you more positivity, wisdom, health and for God to continue to keep you with a good heart. Thank you soo much for helping me these past months getting my business in line (somebody gotta be the mean 1 ????) I❤️u . Let’s turn it up tonight!!”

Right, so, while they’re turning it up and living their best (reckless) lives, most of the rest of us are trying to be responsible human beings. With the surge of COVID cases in America, many governors have instituted some form of shutdown in their respective states. And to be someone famous in this world and *not* use your following to promote the general welfare is simply selfish.

With a vaccine slowly making the rounds and becoming more available, the end of the pandemic could be near. (But, on a side note, Offset said he wouldn’t take the vaccine since he couldn’t trust it.) Regardless of how close we are to seeing our world return to a healthier place, couldn’t the two of them just be a little more careful?!

What do you think, Perezious readers? Do you see a problem with this birthday bash?

[Image via WENN/Avalon.]

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