Carbon counter: celebrate sustainably with well-chosen gifts


Are you dreaming of a green Christmas? Lex used an internal grinch to calculate the carbon cost of a household celebration based on the average spending pattern in the UK. Carefully selected gifts make up two-thirds of the festive season’s footprint.

This idea comes from “Scroogenomics”, which was conceived by economist Joel Waldfogel. calculated Ten percent to one-third of gifts were wasted by value. Some economists are trying to redeem the reputation of gloomy science, give Gifts can make all the difference.

Anyway, many people collect dust or throw it in landfills. The carbon cost of many wasted gifts ordered online this year is, based on numbers, 171 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per household. Edited According to the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Travel can also increase emissions. The average Briton drives about 100 miles to visit friends and family during the holidays. Assuming the household traveled in one car, Lex allowed about 40 kg of CO2e. However, depending on the type of vehicle, speed and traffic conditions, the total can exceed 5kg to 100kg.

Rex focused on waste instead of increasing the carbon impact of all festive foods. The carbon cost of 1 kg of leftover food is 2.5 kg of CO2e based on: World average.. Assuming that 270,000 tonnes of food are wasted throughout the UK during the holidays Annual total — CO2 emissions per household is 24 kg.

Christmas tree discharge When composted, it will be a little less than 5 kg of CO2e in a lifetime, and when incinerated, it will be even more. Its calculation from the American Christmas Tree Association depends on how much of the tree’s isolated carbon is released. When old trees are finally landfilled and the released methane is used for electricity, it helps reduce emissions.

Considering that 35 Christmas cards are mailed to the average household, they have the same carbon dioxide emissions as composted wood. Assuming low energy light bulbs, Christmas lights are a modest contributor.

Spending a luxurious Christmas can cost you carbon. According to carbon researcher Mike Berners-Lee, emissions can be as high as 1,500 kg per adult. At a more modest celebration, 250 kg of CO2e is emitted. This is only 1 percent of the household’s annual total. As Stevie Wonder said, seasons can bring joy without too many toys.

Carbon Counter is a series of Lex articles that explain how readers can reduce their CO2 footprint through wise lifestyle changes.Read other works here..

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