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Carben’s renewal begins with the new Paris flagship

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September 3, 2021

About 3 years after purchase Carven, Icicle announces the strategy of the Paris label. After increasing Carven’s presence in China, the Shanghai-based fashion group has been working on the label’s rebirth in Europe, starting in Paris. Carven actually recently opened a 180m2 flagship store on 6 rond-point dess. Champs Elysees, The same historic address where founder Marie Louise Calven founded her fashion house in 1945.

Calven has made a comeback on the Champs Elysees in Paris-ph Alexandra Bust

Building adjacent to the head office InterparfumsIs at the bottom of the Champs Elysees, just a stone’s throw from the street. Montaigne, And the icicles also chose it as their new home.

Originally known as the Icicle Shanghai Fashion Group, the group was renamed the Icicle Carven China France Group (ICCF) in June to further emphasize the two identities of the East and the West. But it also complements Carven, a bright and youthful Parisian label, with the timeless, eco-friendly luxury label Icicle, launched in 1997 by Shouzeng Ye and his wife, Shawna Tao, the founder of the ICCF Group. Emphasize sex.

This is the second Carven store in Paris, following the rue de Grenelle, which opened in 2012, and the new owner of the label was also acquired as part of the deal. The interior design of the new store was outsourced to Belgian architect Bernard Dubois. He is a rising star who recently made a name for himself by designing a new store. Courreges Located on 35th Avenue George V, the flagship and icicle flagship.

At the Carven store, Dubois has been inspired by multiple eras. The 1920s and 30s are reflected in the graphic style typical of the famous Robert Mallet-Stevens modernist architecture. Viscount Noailles In Hyeres, he was also Marie Louise Calven’s brother-in-law. The furniture is reminiscent of the brutal Brazilian furniture of the mid-20th century, and terracotta-colored travertine marble creates the interior of the 1960s. The color palette also includes the famous Carben Green.

“Marie-Louise Carven designed clothes for dynamic and active women. Her work was simple, fresh and light. Our intention is to bring this spirit to the store. It’s about revitalizing again, “Dubore said in a press release. “The unique concept of the Champs Elysees flagship serves as a model for future stores,” said Shawna Tao, co-founder of the ICCF Group and owner and CEO of Carven.

The strategy is to distribute labels only through e-shops and mono-brand stores. “Carven has great potential. We want to maintain the spirit of the home and move forward in a sustainable way at any cost,” the group told In the case of ICCF, “This opening is [Carven’s] Relocation strategy. “

Carven’s new advertising campaign visuals-Carven

The ICCF initially expanded Carven’s presence in China, taking advantage of the great local market desire for French brands. Currently, we operate 6 stores in Japan, especially in Shenzhen. Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai. The current success is financing the international renewal of the label.

In July, Carven renewed its fairly stable image by announcing a new website, introducing a more dynamic and modern site and e-shop. Both have been completely redesigned. The label has also increased its presence, especially on social media. InstagramWith a very clean and cool branding, Carven is participating in WeChat and RED in China. Finally, Carven will be in the limelight this season with advertising campaigns that run online as well as through magazines and posters, starting September 8.

For the rest, the label is unobtrusive. There are no brand ambassadors or influencers. There is no more catwalk show. The last was held in March 2018. Carven’s women’s ready-to-wear collection was unveiled outside the official Paris show calendar, primarily through lookbooks and videos. “Our philosophy is to aim for slow, sustainable and balanced growth,” Tao said.

Towards the opening of the Champs Elysees flagship store, Carven is offering a new brand exclusively in-store (and its e-shop). perfume Amur developed by the French cosmetics group Boggart, Owner of Carven Perfumes. We recently launched a new C’est Paris fragrance for women and men.

The Champs Elysees flagship store is home to Carven’s ready-to-wear women’s line and is located in the affordable luxury segment, ranging from € 390 for trousers, € 490 for dresses and sweaters, and € 1,150 to € 1,500 for coats. .. We also sell accessories such as handbags, shoes and belts, as well as Carven eyewear for men and women manufactured under license from Lyon-based company Seaport ODLM. In addition, Dominique Paulve’s book entitled “Calven, Un Demi Siecle Delegance” for sale at this store was published by Grund and republished on this occasion.

2021-22 Fall / Winter Look-Carven

When ICCF acquired Carven, it maintained a couture workshop and an in-house creative studio that is currently designing the collection, striving to reinterpret the label’s classic code with a fresh, contemporary enthusiasm. For the time being, the group is busy integrating the organization before considering hiring a new creative director. The ICCF is crazy about this aspect and Carven’s results. recently learned that the label has 46 employees in Paris.

The ICCF Group as a whole generated revenues of € 217 million in 2020, a 12% growth compared to 2019, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The Group’s Icicle label operates 270 stores in 98 cities in China, operates a design center in Paris, has been active since 2013, and is also the flagship store on Avenue. Georges V, soon another Parisian store at 50 ruedu Faubourg Saint-Honoré will be added.

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Carben’s renewal begins with the new Paris flagship

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