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this week’s Window shopAt a game show where winning is everything, you had to detour to the radio waves before shopping for a car online. Task: Select the car mentioned in the song, find it and sell it.In a grand act, the host Tony Kiroga Gave us an unlimited budget to free our imagination and allow us to really share us bad The taste of sophisticated music.The good news is that none of us made the obvious choices: Little red corvette Or by Jan and Dean or The Beach Boys. A little housekeeping: Before recording, our lawyer informed us that we could only use 15 seconds of music before infringing on the rights to the song. So be prepared to jam at least the best 15 seconds of music that mentions the car.

It’s been a while since I had a special guest and somehow persuaded Matt Farrer. Smoking tires Take a break from his podcast, YouTube channel, And management Westside collector car storage, Join the most recorded zoom call on the internet.Farrer’s selection is from Mark Cohen, and Korn is known for his blockbuster “Walking in Memphis,” but Farrer proves that he should celebrate his entire catalog, and you I think you really like His gloomy sentiment “”Silver Thunderbird“, If you just give a chance.

Speaking of deep cut Car and driver Senior Editor Elana Shell Attack us with the lesser-known Diddy of Go Goes.From there, contributors Jonathon Ramsey A classic song celebrating the people who brought the car as close to the earth as possible, jeopardizing his third straight win.Ramsey’s car keeps drooling us up to the deputy test director KC Colwell Attack us with a stock version (well, almost the same) of the same vehicle paired with a song with the unmistakable full-bodied flavor of gangsta rap.

Finally (this is a long episode), the host Tony KirogaThe choice of shows that he thinks he can dance and reveals where he gets most of the choreography. As always, we create ambiguous pop culture references, interrupt each other, argue about cars, laugh at maniacs, and depart with enlightening tangents.Please tell us your favorite car song in the comments and check us out Spotify playlist here..

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Car and driver window shop

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