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    Capitol Attack Panel Summons Google, Facebook, Twitter for Digital Recordings | US Capitol Attack

    The House Elections Committee investigating the Capitol attack subpoenized Twitter, Meta, Alphabet, and Reddit on Thursday for records related to the January 6 riots. Trump White House..

    Facebook is part of Meta and Google is part of alphabet..

    According to one source, the selection committee’s move suggests that the panel is stepping up its research into social media posts and messages.

    In a statement, Senator Bennie Thompson, chairman of the selection committee, approved these summons because they were used to convey plans for a parliamentary attack, but social media companies. Said that he ignored the previous request.

    Thompson said the subpoenas to the four social media companies were the last straw of the selection committee after the repeated involvement with the platform was ignored, a letter equivalent to a bitter blame for the lack of cooperation with the platform. Said in.

    In a subpoena to Twitter, Mr. Thompson said the selection committee was interested in obtaining important documents.

    Thompson said in Subpoena to Twitter The selection committee was interested in obtaining important documents House investigators could reveal how users used the platform to plan and carry out parliamentary attacks. I suspect that a company is withholding.

    The letter also added that the Election Commission would like to consider documents explaining the decision to suspend Donald Trump’s account or other decisions regarding the former president’s account, raising the prospect of an investigation into the administration’s outreach.

    However, according to the letter, the selection committee was unable to submit the important information requested by the house investigators and to commit to a timeline to comply with the panel’s request issued in August. believe.

    According to Thompson, the selection committee Interested in Reddit records, The “r / The_Donald” subreddit eventually moved to a website of the same name, so it hosted important discussions and plans related to the Capitol attack.

    The chairman is also a house investigator Search for materials from the alphabet, YouTube parent company. This is because the video platform hosted important communications by users who played a key role in the Capitol attack.

    For example, Steve Bannon, a former Trump chief strategist, has been livestreaming on YouTube for the days leading up to the Capitol attack and since January 6th, but the attack itself is livestreamed on an ongoing platform. The selection committee said it was done.

    Thompson said in Subpoena to Meta Despite repeated monthly requests, the Election Commission has not yet received material on Facebook’s role in allowing the spread of false or disinformation about the outcome of the 2020 elections.

    Since the start of the investigation, the selection committee has investigated digital fingerprints left by other individuals involved in the Trump White House and Parliamentary attacks, from geographic posts to metadata.

    To that end, the selection committee Data storage request In August, 35 carriers and social media companies were asked to save material in case the panel’s tech team requested a release, sources said.

    Guardian First Reported that month The selection committee, among other things, called on telecom and social media companies to keep records of former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in addition to 12 Republicans.

    The selection committee has given social media companies a January 27 deadline to comply with the subpoena, but it was not clear whether the organization would comply. Twitter and Meta spokespersons did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy, Congressman Refused to request cooperation A committee elected late Wednesday threatened telecommunications and social media companies earlier if they responded to a bipartisan panel investigation.

    “If these companies follow the Democratic order to hand over personal information, they violate federal law,” McCarthy said as of August. “The majority of Republicans will remember Americans and stand up to hold them full responsibility under the law.”

    Capitol Attack Panel Summons Google, Facebook, Twitter for Digital Recordings | US Capitol Attack

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