Capitol Attack Panel recommends derogatory prosecution of Jeffrey Clark | US Capitol Attack


A House Election Commission investigating a parliamentary attack that punished refusal to comply with the summons in a January 6 riot investigation and recommended criminal prosecution of former Trump Justice Ministry official Jeffrey Clark on Wednesday. ..

Approved by a special committee Contempt of Parliament Report Unanimously. The resolution is now heading for the full House of Representatives and is expected to prosecute Clark in a vote that may take place soon next week.

Special Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson reports Clark, disdainful that the panel is seeking criminal charges to show his determination to execute the subpoena, and warns other Trump aides about penalties for violations. Said in a vote.

“The Special Committee does not want to be in this situation, but Mr Clark leaves us no other option. He chose this path. He faces when doing so. I knew the possible consequences. This committee and this house must claim accountability, “Thompson said.

In a pre-voting opening statement, Mr. Thompson said Clark’s lawyer sent a letter to the Special Committee late Monday night, stating that Clark had an 11-hour change of heart and claimed protection for Article 5 of the Amendment.

However, Thompson sees the move as “a last attempt to delay the Commission’s proceedings” and recommends it, even if the Commission provides Clark with the opportunity to claim its protection on Saturday’s second deposit. Said to continue voting. His prosecution.

The Vice-Chairman of the Special Committee said in the opening statement that the Special Committee would only move to stop contempt of parliament if it proved that Clark intends to work fully with the investigators in the House of Representatives.

The selection committee’s recommendations have significant consequences for Clark.

After passing the House of Representatives, the Department of Justice needs to address the issue in front of a federal grand jury last month. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon charged About the rebellion of his subpoena.

A successful misdemeanor prosecution could result in a federal prison for up to a year, a fine of $ 100,000, or both.

Special Committee Summoned Clark last month He clarified the scope of his role in Donald Trump’s plan to overturn the 2020 election results and tried to stop proof of Joe Biden’s election victory on January 6.

At the time, Thompson said a subpoena following a Senate Judiciary Committee report detailing Clark’s efforts to abuse Trump’s Justice Department sought to identify who else in the Trump administration was involved in the plan. Stated.

However, after Trump instructed a former aide to refuse to cooperate with the investigation, Clark agreed to appear in front of the investigative lawyer in the testimony record, but the lawyer / client and the administration He refused to answer the question, citing the privilege widely.

Tuesday special committee Refused those discussionsClark said there was no reason to refuse the subpoena on the grounds of privilege, as Trump had never formally claimed protection and Clark tried to use executive privilege for non-privileged material.

“Mr. Clark answers questions about whether he used his personal phone or email for public affairs, when he met a particular member of parliament, and what he said to the media. I refused to do that, “said the report of contempt. .. “

The report of contempt is that even if the Election Commission accepts his claim of executive privilege, the law is of the type from congressional inquiries alleged by Clark, even to White House officials advising the incumbent president. He added that he made it clear that he did not have an exemption.

The special committee also argued by Clark’s lawyer that he would not be able to answer the panel’s questions until the court resolved whether Trump could use executive privilege to prevent the submission of documents from the National Archives. I opposed it.

“This is not a legitimate objection to the subpoena, and the selection committee is unaware of the legal authority to support this position,” the report said. “The issues raised in the National Archives proceedings are completely separate and separate from the issues raised by Mr. Clark.”

Prior to the selection committee Vote to encourage prosecutionHarry McDougall, Clark’s lawyer, disagreed and said in a letter to Thompson that Clark could not testify until the National Archives case was decided.

“He is obliged not to provide testimony to your committee covering information protected by the claim of executive privilege of the former president,” McDagard said in a letter. “At this time, Mr. Clark cannot answer the testimony record question.”

The Senate reported that Clark played a leading role in overturning the outcome of the 2020 elections, taking advantage of his role in the Justice Department to bid for Trump and then Secretary of Justice Jeff. He pressured Rosen to express his condemnation of fraud.

For example, Clark details the January 2 conflict that demanded Rosen to send a letter to Georgia’s electoral authorities alleging that the Justice Department falsely identified the fraud, threatening to dismiss Trump if refused. rice field.

The move to recommend Clark’s criminal charge for contempt is the second such move after last month’s election committee unanimously voted to keep Banon contempt of Congress for completely ignoring the subpoena. Shows a conflict.

Bannon also first quoted Trump’s directive Report by Guardian, To refrain from submitting documents that former aides and advisers objected to the subpoena and refused to cooperate with the selection committee’s investigation.

Banon was charged with contempt of Congress by a federal grand jury in early November. He pleaded not guilty and vowed to “continue to attack” Biden and the Special Committee.

Capitol Attack Panel recommends derogatory prosecution of Jeffrey Clark | US Capitol Attack

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