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    Capitalize on the Retail Rebound With This ETF

    Inflation is rising — 0.9% in October alone.

    It is pushing up almost all prices.

    Logic means that people are less likely to spend money on what they want and focus on what they need.

    When prices go up, you close your wallet to save on groceries, gas, and more. We don’t spend money on new clothes or expensive electronics.

    In this episode of Bull & BearWe’ll show you a trend suggesting that retail sales aren’t struggling for the busiest shopping period of the year. It also describes how you can invest in strong profit trends.

    Retail forecasts suggest bigholiday shopping season

    Americans spend the most money shopping during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    The holiday shopping season is when retailers push out new products in the hope of making a profit.

    And this year could be the biggest retail season in the United States.

    According to an annual survey by the National Retail Federation, this year’s holiday retail sales in the United States will reach $ 843.4 billion.

    By the way, the figure 10 years ago was $ 553.3 billion, and the figure 20 years ago was about $ 400 million.

    In 2020, Americans lost $ 777.3 billion during their vacation.

    From last year, we expect holiday spending to increase by 8.5%.

    In today’s episode Bull & BearWe’ll show you the trends that suggest that retail rebounds are legal and how you can play them to make big profits for the record holiday shopping season.

    plus: Update my selling recommendations from last week.

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