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    Cancer Tarot Horoscopes: October 2021

    I feel there is a deep family healing going on for you, and it’s okay to take a break and get it back later. Use May to explore the freedom that comes from respecting yourself, your life, and your truth. There are people in your life who you consider to be part of their chosen family (community, group of friends, etc.). Open your eyes to the unconventional, but unconditional family around you. You can feel confused or uncomfortable when making healthy choices. That doesn’t mean you should stop. Cancer, keep going, you’re about to make a big breakthrough!

    April 2021

    Devil: This month, it may be tempting to sag, give an old pattern, or send text to someone who knows it’s better to leave it alone. It may not always be easy, but it takes both dedication and restraint to be a better version of your own. The best thing we can do is do nothing or say nothing. Don’t fall into unhealthy habits in April. You are here. Stay in this high vibration momentum as often as possible!

    Later in the month, new job opportunities will be created. This may be from a seed planted some time ago. Will someone finally respond to email inquiries after sifting through spam? Or you may find that this opportunity is in your spam folder. Don’t be afraid to get on the line and share your work behind the scenes. Excite people with your creativity. You may be the inspiration that someone else needs. This is a quick and indirect way to give back to someone else. This month we have not only a shower in April, but also a cash shower if you are ready to receive it.

    March 2021

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    Pentagram 6: Balance, balance, balance, my cancer friend. March asks you to take action and start using all the rest and introspection you have come to. You no longer have to stick to what goes wrong, how heavy your life is, and which wounds you need to pay attention to. It’s time to bring yourself back there and share your talents with people around the world. If you make the most of your life, not only are you missing, but the rest of the world is missing you too!

    Understand that everything that is happening in your life is, at some point, the result of you saying “yes” to it (or they). Are you ready to revoke someone’s right to your time? Are you ready to reassign someone’s role in your life? March is a month of generosity and reciprocity, so ask for help when you need it. Begin to find a healthy balance between freeing yourself from excessive independence and supporting others and allowing others to support you in a way that you really need and deserve to be supported. increase. The flow of the tide will finally change!

    February 2021

    3 cups of tarot

    Three of the cups: It’s time to celebrate all the growth that has occurred as a result of your inner work. My beloved cancer, everyone you understand how important it is to work on yourself, but not designed to spend your entire life on inner work! Incorporate joy, laughter, and friendly feelings into your daily life this month. Life is not always easy, but if you choose to ride the highs, it will be much more tolerable when the lows occur. In February, we are asking you to open a social channel and back it up. Reach out to your old friends and open the door to your heart halfway.

    You are about to meet new connections that will change your life better. If you are applying for a job, expect a great response from your desired employer. If you want to meet a romantic partner, someone is waiting around the corner (or in a different app than the one you’re currently using). Finally, for some, this may indicate a friend with whom you share a soul connection. Who is this: Let go of expectations and allow yourself to be fun and amazed!

    January 2021

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    Emperor, Emperor: You are now being asked to grab the handle, dear gun. It’s no longer the time to “get on the flow”. If you make a decision in January and don’t want to call the shot, it’s easy to be disappointed.

    You may not be a natural initiator, but this month you reach out, make the first move, tie a loose end, take charge of your career, and finally make a confident decision. You need to change the course of your life by doing so.

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