Can the spread of monkeypox be stopped?


A measles vaccine is on display at the Salt Lake County Health Department Thursday, July 28, 2022, in Salt Lake City. Transmission of monkeypox requires skin-to-skin or skin-to-mouth contact with infected lesions. People can also get infected by touching the clothes or bed sheets of someone who has monkeypox. Credit: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File

As of May, nearly 90 countries have reported more than 31,000 cases of monkeypox.

The World Health Organization has declared an increase in outbreaks once-a difficult disease as an international emergency in July; The United States declared it a national emergency last week.

In Africa, 98 percent of those infected are men who have sex with men. With only a limiting the supply of vaccines in the worldauthorities are fighting to stop meningitis before it becomes established as a new disease.


In principle, yes. The virus does not spread easily and there is an antibiotic. But there are about 16 million doses available now and only one company makes the shot.

Outside of Africa, there is no indication that monkeypox continues to spread beyond men who have sex with men, meaning stopping the spread of this group could end the outbreak. Last week, British scientists said there is “early signs” contracting the smallpox in Great Britain—that he had ever had the biggest epidemic in the world outside of Africa – it peaked.


No. Epidemic means that an outbreak of disease has spread to the whole world. Monkeypox does not spread as quickly as the coronavirus and stopping it will not require an intervention like the COVID-19 lockdown.

The director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that he declared smallpox as an emergency in part to make countries take the disease seriously, saying that there is still an opportunity to control the disease before it becomes a problem in the world.


Smallpox has spread usually requires skin-to-skin or skin-to-mouth contact with the patient’s wounds. People can also get infected by touching the clothes or bed sheets of someone who has monkeypox.

It can also be spread through contact with it respiratory droplets, but scientists are still trying to figure out how often this happens. British health officials say they have not confirmed an airborne infection.


A large percentage of the cases were in gay men. The first outbreaks are likely to occur in Europe and North America sex at two raves in Spain and Belgium.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 99% of cases of meningococcal disease in the United States are men. Of these, 94% reported meeting and having sex with some men in the three weeks before they start showing symptoms.

Still, anyone can become infected with the virus if they are in close contact with an infected person or cloths that have touched an infected person.


With limited supply, health officials do not recommend vaccination. They recommend a shot for health workerspeople who have had contact with an infected person, and men who are at risk of contracting monkeypox.

Officials are also trying to spread the vaccine, Jynneos. It requires two doses, but many places only offer one dose.

America health officials on Tuesday he allowed a invention which will allow health professionals to vaccinate five people—instead of one—with each vial. The procedure uses a small amount of vaccine and is administered with a needle just under the skin instead of deep tissue. Recipients will still get two shots a month.


The WHO’s Tedros recommended that men at risk of contracting the disease should consider making “safer choices” and reducing them. sexual partners “for that time.”

The British National Health Commission advises people to get tested for syphilis before having sex or going to a public gathering, noting that most of the cases in the country are believed to be caused by from parties, saunas and other places where sex is practiced. Anyone with monkeypox should isolate until they are fully recovered, which can take up to three weeks.


Smallpox has been prevalent for many years in the region central and western Africa, where most people get sick after coming in contact with infected wild animals such as rats and squirrels. The acting director of the African Public Health Commission said last week that gay sex “not appropriate” to the emergence of the disease in the continent, where almost 40 percent of those infected are among women.

Scientists believe that the outbreak of monkeypox in Europe and North America originated in Africa before the disease began to spread. Examples from cases in Europe show many changes, suggesting that the first virus spreads silently for months or years before the current diseases are detected.

The form of smallpox that circulates in Europe and North America is less fatal than the one that circulates in Africa. Countries that did not see many cases of smallpox before the outbreak reported few deaths, while Africa has at least 100 suspected deaths this year.


Most people who get meningitis recover without treatment, but it can cause more serious symptoms such as brain swelling and in many cases, death.

Meningitis can be serious in children, pregnant women and people with medical conditions, such as cancer, tuberculosis or HIV. In the United States, the CDC says that about 40 percent of those infected with monkeypox also have HIV.

As the disease progresses, the more likely it is that the virus can spread to other communities, as HIV was first seen in gay men before it was well established.

“There are some conflicts between the networks of gay and bisexual people and the networks of heterosexuals, so it’s possible that we could see monkeypox,” said Dr. Paul Hunter, professor of medicine at the University of British Columbia in the United Kingdom. East Anglia. “If that happens, we could have a bigger problem.”

UK: ‘Early signs’ that monkeypox outbreak may be peaking

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