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    Can Kyler Murray crash the MVP race in the third year?All signs point to Jesus | Arizona Cardinals

    Sometimes it can be said that the player has made a leap forward in the saying. You can see it by looking at it. You can feel it.

    In the first week, Cardinals’ Kyler Murray bounces off what’s fun to watch and one day puts quarterbacks in the upper ranks of the league together. Murray burned the Tennessee Titans in the air. He hit them on the ground. He played in the flow of the Arizona system. He broke it apart, became a little freelance, and clubged the Titans a little more overhead.

    It was a one-man show: the kind that can promote a good team to a candidate for a division, which should put Murray at the forefront of the discussion of the most valuable players.

    At this point, the MVP award is narrative. Patrick Mahomes is clearly the most valuable player in the league. When you ask league executives, coaches, and fans who want to start a franchise, there are two camps, one who chooses Mahomes and one who lies.

    Still, Mahomes is already in the Jordan-Lebron-Blady vortex. He’s obviously the most important player, so it doesn’t even make sense to give him a prize every year. He is chasing something bigger than that. As a result, large football communities tend to focus on different stories instead. First, there was Lamar Jackson. The overlooked Heisman Trophy winner slipped into the draft, causing havoc in the league. Then there was Aaron Rodgers’ Redemption Ark (what appears to be a torpedo enthusiast on his way out of Green Bay), freeing the quarterback from the bindings of Mike McCarthy’s attack and reminding him of his heyday. rice field.

    If you scan the entire league and find a similar story, you’ll find that it’s a fairly upscale club.

    Russell Wilson hits every checkpoint.Hello Everything except asked This off-season … and then stayed. He is playing with new, diverse and creative attacks. This is what a 32-year-old now demands for most of the six months. Like an older Oscar candidate, Wilson rallyes a crowd “it’s his time.”

    But Wilson could also be the NFL’s answer to Glenn Close. His play has long justified MVP’s consideration, but his play and the stories that accompany it have never been combined in a timely manner. He didn’t get enough credit in the early days. His support cast and scheme wasn’t enough for him to post a season like Rogers.

    Wilson also lacks that the new star luster has become an important part of the MVP debate. It is currently used as a way to verify the legitimacy of young stars.

    If Bacchus takes the season of 15 or 16 wins, there could be a push from Tom Brady. All are favorites of voters in all areas where people are voting, pretending that the old man still has it.

    Still: Crowning the next potential face of the league is the order of the day, and Murray has a path as strong as Justin Herbert and Josh Allen, the other wonders of the league.

    When he hit Tennessee in the first week, Murray and the Cardinal had the same results. Murray is playing with a kind of controlled frenzy. His feet move at turbo speed and are a constant threat. I’m looking for a slow lane.

    Stylistically, there was nothing new. Cardinals head coach Cliff Kingsbury is known as the “air raid” man. This is a style of attack that requires the quarterback to chuck the ball multiple times in the downfield. At its core, air raids carry out the general notion of slender numbers, dress them up in different ways, and then use tempo to try to catch defenses with unfavorable personnel packages. That is. From there, the team can play the same play over and over, add window dressing, and present different pre-snap images to the defense.

    The Kingsbury-Murray partnership has begun life in the league. The first two years of the pair were plagued by average rosters, lack of adaptability, and King’sbury’s poor in-game management and strategy. Now the roster has a strong hunger. Cardinals predictability was a weakness of two and two years. In the third year, we have a strong core, which is our strength. Do what you can’t stop until you find a way to stop it.

    It’s easy to laugh at the Cardinal by putting together what looked like a 2014 All-Star during the off-season and adding things like JJ Watt and AJ Green to the list already featuring DeAndre Hopkins and Chandler Jones. was. How much remains in a veteran’s tank? I think it will be squeaky by the 17th game of this season.

    They may be. But if the first week of the season proves something, it means that the addition of those brand names was a sweetener. It is under the surface that Arizona has made substantial changes.

    It starts with an overhauled attack line. The Cardinals aren’t just better in advance. They have completely redefined their vision for the interior of the group. They moved away from the short, rugged typical player they brought in to support Murray’s vision in his pocket. The quarterback is 5 feet 10 inches. Instead, they brought in as many 6’4 inch or larger mashers as possible.

    The receiving army has the actual juice to launch, which is an essential part of Kingsbury’s doctrine. DeAndre Hopkins remains dominant. And at Rondale Moore, the Cardinals added the kind of vibrancy that only Murray could previously offer. Moore is a bundle of electricity that can turn a negative play into a positive yard.

    Remember all the * shivering * screen passes that Kingsbury has done in the last two years? Without speed on the field, they were disturbed – the Cardinals averaged only 3.8 yards per ProFootballFocus, per 2020 screen attempt. With Moore on the field, screen games have become a viable threat. This forces the defense to move the player closer to the box, giving the Cardinals a better match on the field.

    It sounds like a hyperbola that Rondale Moore changes everything … but Rondale Moore changes everything in this particular team in this particular offensive composition. Last Sunday, the Cardinals picked up a whopping 13.6 yards for each screen pass attempt.

    This is a list created to maximize Murray’s strengths. Previously, his freelance excellence helped maintain an incompatible roster in the game. It gave the team a floor. Now, his ability to create from nothing and defeat the team with his arms and legs raises the cap on his side, no matter how it looks. It turns close combat into victory. Win the explosion.

    Murray also refined his game. Tennessee attacked Murray with more than one-third of the dropbacks in the first week. A good NFL quarterback has traditionally shredded Blitz. When the opposition sends an additional defender, it keeps the receiver open – or that means totally single coverage.

    Defenses rarely blitz the best, as they understand that things like Brady, Rodgers, and Wilson can easily decode to find open targets. Titan tried to blitz Murray outdoors. The quarterback didn’t blink and went on strike in the face of pressure. Murray was sloppy against last season’s blitzkrieg. On Sunday, he was great, completing 11 out of 13 throws against a 139-yard blitzkrieg with two touchdowns and zero interceptions. It can’t get any better than that.

    Murray’s participation in the Dengeki Ban Club is the next logical evolution of his game. He currently combines efficiency with his awesome abilities and the perfect cocktail for modern games. If he can maintain his early jump-on-my cape style throughout the season, the Cardinals have a chance to compete for the toughest division in the league.

    Help lead his team to 12 wins that Split against that When you set the schedule, Murray will check all MVP boxes.

    Can Kyler Murray crash the MVP race in the third year?All signs point to Jesus | Arizona Cardinals

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