Can Dogs Eat Asparagus, White Beans, or Spinach?


There are three foods that are usually present in our salads, meat dishes and as a dressing for fish, three vegetables that are very nutritious for us and that are essential in our diet, but what about yours? Today we will talk to you about whether it is good or bad for your dog to eat them and in what quantity.

Remember that your dog’s stomach is very delicate. The food designed for him, and the one you have to give him, is the one contained in the highest quality feed, the cans of wet food and the healthy sweets prepared to reward him as positive reinforcement. However, home cooking served under the supervision of specialized canine dietitians has been shown to have many benefits. You can make all your queries to our veterinarians online.

Can dogs eat asparagus?

Can dogs eat beans?

Can dogs eat spinach?

Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?

A common question for dog owners is can dogs eat asparagus safely? We love green, wild and even white asparagus. They are very rich and full of nutrients. They have antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and are part of a healthy and balanced diet. Many times we believe that because a fruit like the pomegranate is good for us, it is also good for them, and this is not always the case.

The reason is that the way we process food and its nutrients is not the same. Even if a vegetable is loaded with antioxidants, it may not be what your dog needs, just you. This is precisely the case with asparagus. So can you eat it? The answer is that nothing will happen if one falls in your mouth, but they are not recommended. If you want to give him quality garden products, try chickpeas and if you want to give him protein, give him a boiled egg, always under the supervision of one of dietitians.

Can dogs eat beans?

Beans are one of the legumes most adored by your dog. Many caregivers use them as a reward for their colleague when he does something well. Legumes provide vitamins, fiber, energy, and even protein, just like chickpeas do. That is why they are usually added to feed as a complement to the nutrients they provide.

In any case, let’s not forget that the proteins that your dog needs must be of animal origin. It is true that we consider them omnivores, but they are actually carnivores. The nutrients provided by beans and chickpeas are very rich, but they never have to replace natural proteins for them.

Vegetables provide vitamins and minerals that are often recommended as a home remedy to regulate your transit, balance your flora and adjust your metabolism. If you want to know how to serve vegetables and greens to your dog and in what quantities, remember that you have to consult a dietitian. Knowing his breed, weight and age, the dietitian will be able to recommend the best recipes for him.

Can dogs eat spinach?

Don’t even think about overdoing it with its consumption. It is recommended that when you want to give natural food recipes you have meat as the base of the dish, but then combine it with chickpeas, beans or spinach. As for this vegetable, it is best to chop them or boil them for a few moments. Do not forget that if you heat them too much they will lose their nutrients.

Don’t force them to eat them either. Although beans and spinach, unlike asparagus, are beneficial for your furry, remember that it must always be given in small quantities, and what happens if you overdo it? Well, you will cause diarrhea that heals with patience, fasting, lots of water and probiotics.

We hope you have no doubts about these three foods

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