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    Can cloth masks really stop COVID-19 from spreading? – Cleveland, Ohio

    Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-04 12:14:49 –

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    Oklahoma City (KFOR) – More than a year after the pandemic began, there seems to be still debate about wearing masks to prevent COVID-19 infection.

    NS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention We have encouraged Americans to wear masks in public to protect themselves and others COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection).. However, some argue that certain types of masks are not very effective because the virus particles are small enough.

    That’s true, but health experts say it’s not just about the size of the particles, but how they move.

    Dr. Dale Bratzler, Chief COVID of the University of Oklahoma, said: board member.

    According to authorities, carbon dioxide can escape from cloth masks, but the COVID-19 virus usually cannot. This is because the respiratory droplets that carry the virus are much larger than the virus and CO2 and cannot pass through the mask.

    “The virus comes out in droplets. So I saw it in so many different presentations.” As you know, the virus is 50-150 nanometers and can pass through a cloth mask. ” Absolutely, that’s true. It can pass through the KN95 and through the surgical mask. But that’s not the way the virus comes out of your mouth. It comes out on droplets, aerosols, and droplets. Cloth masks are also very effective at preventing droplets and aerosols from coming out of your mouth. They aren’t perfect, but they’re very good, “Dr. Bratzler said.

    recently MIT explainer on mask effectiveness Pointed to the laboratory experiment Includes laser light scattering to visualize the droplets generated while the subject is speaking.

    According to MIT’s analysis, “Each utterance produced hundreds of droplets sized 20-500 micrometers, but researchers could block almost everything by covering the speaker’s mouth with a damp washcloth. Showed. ”

    To prove it for himself, Dr. Bratzler says he needs to wear a mask for several hours at a time.

    “Wear the mask for a few hours and feel its contents. It feels moisturized inside the mask. That’s why we ask you to wash the mask often,” said Dr. Bratzler.

    MIT’s analysis suggests many real-world studies that enhance the value of mask use.

    “recently studyFor example, we used publicly available data to calculate COVID-19 growth rates before and after Maskmandate in 15 states and the District of Columbia from the end of March to the end of May 2020. Researchers have found that mask mandates lead to a significant slowdown. Daily growth estimates that Maskmandate may have prevented up to 450,000 COVID-19 cases. ” The author, Kim Shibu, wrote:..

    Masks are not 100% effective, but doctors say they dramatically reduce the risk of infecting others.

    “They are very effective, and studies have shown that if both people are wearing masks, even a simple two-layer cloth mask will dramatically produce droplets and aerosols from the mouth. It has been shown to reduce, which reduces the aerosol zones around you and protects both parties, “he said.

    Can cloth masks really stop COVID-19 from spreading? Source link Can cloth masks really stop COVID-19 from spreading?

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