Camille Glamor’s Kyle Richards, LVP’s Tom Girardi’s Claim


Talk to her side.A few days later Camille glamor When Lisa Vander Pump Insisted on it and brought to social media Kyle Richards Spilled beans About Erika Jayne When Tom GirardiLegal issues, Halloween kill The actress shares her truth.

“Someone wants to get the job back,” Richards, 52, said exclusively. We weekly While promoting partnership with SmoothGlo.. “That is, everyone in the shower sent me a text message and said. Host a baby shower And dance on the table. I’ve never seen you talk to Camille for a minute. “And I said,” Yes, but I know exactly what they are doing. “

NS Beverly Hills real housewife The star continued, “So I’m not even going to give this oxygen, you know, and then Lisa Vanderpump chimes,” Oh, well, you, of course, she did. “. You weren’t there either. So for me it was very calculated. “

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Richards said: NS Quite confusing Author, 50 years old, “did not buy” claim of former housewife “a little bit.”

“I talked to everyone, and I was just like” To be honest, I’m too busy, you know, Facilitate Halloween just now.. “… But sometimes you have a weak moment like,” What the hell, please. “” She explained. “These two are Beverly Hills real housewife By the way, I have more than I really am. But thank you to the media. “

A few days ago, Grammar, 53, Tweeted her first claim about a former child star..

“To correct the record,” Glamor tweeted on Tuesday, October 5. “It was Kyle who told me that Tom was in trouble during @ Andy’s baby shower. I was surprised that Kyle was playing Chammy Chammy with Erica. Kyle with the Queen of #RHOBHCrazy rt. Even if you call me Erica?!?! “

Former Bravo personality tweeted earlier in September She heard rumors of financial problems for the “roller coaster” singer From a fellow housewife who didn’t have a name to tell her. at that time, Pump rules Star, 61, and Betheny Frankel Also Richards accused her of having prior knowledge of the finances of her co-star..

Chatting with her We, NS Life is not a reality show The author was asked if she thought of Vander Pump and Glamor Will be welcomed back to Bravo hit Spread your hands. She made fun of “who?”

“I think our show is currently number one in Bravo. We’re good where we are.” American woman The producer said We.. “And what do you know Lisa will soon be her grandmother, You know, I’m happy with her. She should go Be happy and enjoy her life. I don’t know why she’s tweeting, you know, not even about the former cast members. Let’s grow like. We are all adults here. “

Richards spoke We While promoting partnership with Lumenis‘The new SmoothGlo device helps treat common skin problems such as tone, texture and volume.

“”[Choosing SmoothGlo] Obviously it was easy for me, with brown black dots, fine lines and a toned skin, “explained the reality show star. We.. “And, as you know, the name SmoothGlo clearly feels like an overall glow on the skin, so I was very excited to try it, and it’s so fast. It’s painless and you literally leave shortly after. It’s a kind of miracle. I’m very happy with the result. And I’m definitely going to continue. “

She pointed out that this procedure featured a “light-covering wand,” and revealed that the nurse who performed it described the process as a “small wand zap.” ..

“So it makes it produce more collagen as it repairs,” the actress added. “That is, the new collagen comes in, which makes the skin look plump. There are no small brown spots or fine lines, and no downtime.”

Report by Christina Garibaldi

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Camille Glamor’s Kyle Richards, LVP’s Tom Girardi’s Claim

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