California sets Feb. 1 deadline for health worker boosters


People are waiting to take the COVID-19 test at the pop-up test site in Los Angeles on Monday, December 20, 2021. Omicron is competing ahead of other variants and is currently the predominant version of the coronavirus in the United States, with 73% of new infections last week, federal health officials said Monday. Credit: AP Photo / Jae C. Hong

Governor Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday that approximately 2.5 million health workers in California are at risk of receiving a booster vaccination with the coronavirus vaccine or losing their jobs by February 1.

Newsom detailed the booster mission at a press conference Wednesday at the Vaccine Clinic in Auckland. He first announced new rules on Tuesday afternoon.

California was the first state to require healthcare workers to be vaccinated, and the rule came into effect in September. Most workers obeyed. However, thousands of other people have lost their jobs or have been suspended.

California is now joining New Mexico as at least the second state, Booster shot For that medical worker. Also this week, students announced by California State University and the University of California, two of the largest public university systems in the United States, will need to hit booster shots in the spring semester.

California also requires state workers, and ultimately other groups, including teachers and students, to be vaccinated or to be tested weekly. However, Newsom said he had no plans to require those other groups to get booster shots on Wednesday.

Instead, California said it would offer up to two takeaway coronavirus test kits to each of the state’s more than 6.1 million public school students, while expanding time at 6,288 state testing centers.

However, Newsom said the rules for booster shots could change.

“Hopefully, if all the interventions were successful, we wouldn’t have to consider it,” Newsom said.

California is doing much better than other states in terms of virus epidemics. Of all people tested for the virus in California, only 3.3% are positive, the lowest rate in the country, according to Newsam. California has the sixth lowest case rate, with 13.6 new cases every 100,000 in 7 days.

California sets a February 1 deadline for healthcare workers boosters

Travelers wait for the shuttle, but arrive at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, December 20, 2021. The Los Angeles County Public Health Service reported more than 3,500 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday. Daily new cases tripled in a week. Credit: AP Photo / Jae C. Hong

As of Tuesday, there were 3,589 coronavirus patients in California hospitals, an increase of 12% from December 1. Today, more than 70% of California’s approximately 40 million inhabitants are fully vaccinated.

For variants of the Omicron coronavirus, it remains unclear whether it causes more or less serious illness. Scientists say that Omicron spreads even more easily than other coronavirus strains, including Delta. Early studies suggest that vaccination requires booster shots for the best chance to prevent Omicron infection, but even without additional doses, vaccination can lead to severe illness and death. Should provide strong protection against.

According to federal officials, Monday’s Omicron is currently the most common form of virus in the United States, accounting for 73% of all cases. In California, state officials estimate that Omicron accounts for about half of the cases, but Newsom said the actual numbers are probably much higher and will be announced Thursday.

Newsam said booster shots provide more protection against Omicron. To date, more than 8.8 million Californians have received booster shots.

“In order to maintain the line and curb the growth of hospitals, we need to increase that number,” Newsom said.

Hospitals have far fewer coronavirus patients than they did a year ago, but most hospitals suffer from a shortage of health care workers. A recent study by the University of California, San Francisco estimates that the state-wide nurse shortage will continue until at least 2026.

Booster Shot’s new mission could persuade more workers to quit. However, the California Hospital Association on Wednesday said it would support the new rule of “further protecting health care workers and inpatients.”

“For Omicron, we don’t have enough knowledge to determine the exact impact on the need for hospital care, but we know that booster shots provide an additional layer of protection, like California. It is essential to ensure the care of everyone who needs it, and the country as a whole continues to face a persistent shortage of health care workers, “said the California Hospital Association Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Carmela Coil said.

The California Nurses Association said it was considering a new one amplifier Obligations of health care workers. In a news release, the group stated that it would strongly support everyone vaccinated while respecting medical and religious exemptions.But they said they needed other means to protect Health care workers..

“Science shows that a multi-step approach to infection control is most effective, and vaccination is important, but only one factor,” the group said in a news release at the hospital. Asked for more personal protective equipment and proper staffing.

California demands booster shots from healthcare professionals

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