California prosecutor dies in Covid campaigning against vaccines | California


Deputy District Attorney from California Those who regularly spoke against the vaccination obligation died of complications from Covid-19.

According to her family and friends, Kelly Arnby, a 46-year-old prosecutor in Orange County, Southern California, who recently ran for state legislature, died after being infected with the virus.

According to Ernby’s husband, Axel Mattias Ernby, Kelly Ernby was not vaccinated at the time of her death. This is the decision he quoted in a social media post about her death.

“She wasn’t vaccinated. That’s the problem,” said Axel Ernby. Said upon Social media posts..

A month before her death, Kelly Ernby opposed the Covid-19 vaccine obligation at a rally outside the Irvine City Hall. The protest was organized by a branch of TurningPoint USA, a conservative youth organization representing members of California State University, Fullerton, and the University of California, Irvine.

“For now, nothing is more important than our freedom,” Ernby said. Daily Titan, Student newspaper.

On her personal Facebook, Ernby also opposed the Covid vaccine obligation, writing in August 2021 that “vaccines are not a cure for Covid and the obligation does not work.”

Prior to the pandemic, Ernby also blamed the mandatory vaccine. At the 2019 Online Town Hall, Ernby said he opposed new state legislation that would tighten vaccine rules for school children in California.

“My basic belief is that the government should be very small and I don’t believe in obligations,” Ernby said on November 3, 2019.

“I don’t think the government should be involved in mandating which vaccines people are taking,” she said. “I think it’s a decision between the doctor and his patient … If the government intends to require a vaccine, what else do you intend to do?”

Arnby lived in Huntington Beach, California, about an hour away from Los Angeles. Numerous anti-vaccine duty rallies Happened.

She has been working for the District Attorney’s Office since 2011, specializing in environmental and consumer law. According to the statement Posted by Todd Spitzer, District Attorney of Orange County.

“Kelly is an incredibly vibrant and passionate lawyer who pays close attention to the work we do as prosecutors, and to the community where we all fight hard to protect. “We handed out,” Spitzer said in a posthumous statement from Ernby.

In 2019, Ernby ran for the California State Legislature and lost to his peers in the 2020 primary. Republican politician Diane Dixon.

Earnby was later elected to the Republican Central Committee in Orange County in 2020, but died in the middle of his four-year term.

Vaccine mandates continue to be repulsed and Despite the surge in Omicron variants..

The Mayo Clinic, a non-profit medical center, has fired about 700 employees who refused to comply with the compulsory Covid-19 vaccination policy. Reported NBC News.

Employees were told to receive the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by Monday or to receive a medical or religious exemption. Staff who have already received the first jab were told not to delay the second shot.

“The Mayo Clinic is saddened to lose valuable employees, but we need to take all necessary steps to keep patients, the workforce, visitors and the community safe,” the clinic said in a statement. , 99% of Mayo Clinic employees confirmed that they adhered to mandates everywhere.

California prosecutor dies in Covid campaigning against vaccines | California

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