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    California hospitals predict COVID crisis will last 4-6 weeks

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    California hospitals expect the number of patients infected with COVID-19 to triple by the end of January, and the surge is expected to continue until the end of February.

    The California Hospital System is on the verge of collapse, with a surge in COVID-19, critically ill patients, and sick staff pushing hospitals beyond capacity, the California Hospital Association warned today.

    Hospitals expect COVID-19-positive patients to triple by the end of the month and hospitalizations to peak in the next 4-6 weeks. The surge in infectious diseases and hospitalizations is expected to continue until the end of February.

    “We have found that we are at the cliff of the most difficult time for California’s healthcare system to date,” Coyle said. “Our ability can quickly be lost.”

    State Health Department projection California’s surge peaked at COVID-19 hospitalizations, 40% more than last winter, and by the end of January, the total number of hospitalized patients per day far exceeded 70,000, said Carmela Coyle, CEO of the association. Says. Last year, at peak times, 54,000 people were hospitalized in California, about 40% of whom were infected with COVID.

    State forecasts also show that 7,000 patients will require almost twice as many ICU hospitalizations as last year.

    While major cities such as New York, Boston and Chicago are beginning to see The number of infections is stable, California infectious diseases hospitalization The number is still increasing.

    The burden on the system is exacerbated by the lack of personnel. National estimate Twenty percent of health workers left during the pandemic, and Omicron shows that hundreds of workers have resulted in calling for illness.

    A hospital in the state told the association that more than half of its staff were ill due to COVID-19 illness or exposure.

    Also, in Fresno County, which was hit by a surge last year, more than 300 hospital staff were ill last week, said Dan Lynch, director of emergency medical services.

    The county secured resources for emergency staff from the state until the end of February, Lynch said. revival Instruct EMT to transport only the most critically ill patients by ambulance.

    “Much more people are in need of care and fewer are providing it,” Coyle said.

    This week, the California Public Health Service quietly announced guidance Asymptomatic COVID-positive staff can return to work without quarantine or additional testing. This guidance, albeit voluntarily, has caused anger among labor groups such as the California Nurses Association and SEIU-United Healthcare Workers.

    Some hospitals have already started Cancellation of selective surgery To ease the burden, the State Health Department is considering ordering hospitals to postpone many procedures, according to a state chief who spoke with county health officials at a public meeting last week.

    More than one-third of California hospitals have reported “serious staff shortages” this week, and the number continues to grow.

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