California authorities warns about electronic scams this holiday season


At this time of the year, scams of all kinds increase, in this case it is about Internet scams. There are several reports of people who have been scammed by using fake applications. For this reason, we will be giving advice on what not to do on the Internet.

Lottery jackpot won in California

In California the government held a special lottery for all those people who got vaccinated. Therefore, it is warning citizens not to fall into traps. To be the winner of a prize from any lottery in the state, you had to buy the ticket in advance.

The authorities have warned the winners that the betting houses do not call by phone. They also remind them that no lottery offers services over the phone, much less requesting payment of taxes on the prize.

If you receive such calls or receive emails with such offers, it is best to report it to the authorities. Do not provide any of your personal data, keep your information safe from plagiarism. Most importantly, people should be cautious, because scammers are skilled at deceiving.

Use authorized Web sites for online shopping

Most Web portals have a high security system, but every day, fake copies or apps of Web sites appear. Therefore, you should be careful with fake applications, if you are going to buy online keep in mind a few things. These recommendations should be combined with the recommendations given by the California government.

Secure Internet portals have a closed padlock sign in the search bar on the upper left side. Also, any authorized Web portal should begin with these words ( https:// ), plus the name of the portal. To be even safer, carefully check the entire Web site for content and reviews.

Knowing this and remembering the California government’s warning, if you want to check fantasy 5 winning numbers california, you should only rely on websites that are trustworthy and meet all safety requirements. This way, you will be sure that the data offered is reliable and that the website will not put your personal data at risk. This same logic can be used with any gambling and online shopping sites.

Finally, you should always be informed about the applications, if a site has any of these services, it will show it on its official home page, you will never be outside the platform. For this reason, do not download anything that you are not sure that it belongs to the page on which you want to perform any activity.

Put into practice these tips to avoid being swindled

There are many ways to avoid being scammed, you just have to be very aware of the situations. The most important thing when it comes to protecting your interests is to always keep your personal information protected.

You should always be careful with scams, thieves do not rest, teach your children to be cautious. Do not enter Web portals without verifying and always keep the Internet safe. Protect your computer with a good antivirus, do not give your passwords to anyone.

It has already been said that no official Web portal requests payments for prizes, nor personal data. Much less it offers service of collection for millionaire prizes. Remember, if you find yourself in a similar situation, report it to the competent authorities.

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