California and Its Strict Gambling Laws


The California State Constitution makes all forms of gambling in California illegal with limited exceptions. Some activities are deemed legal when operated by the state itself or its native American tribes. Gambling activities that may be legal in some settings are state lottery, bingo, horse racing, card rooms and tribal casinos.

This hasn’t stopped some illegal underground casinos operating in the state.

Is online gambling legal in California?

Online gambling for real money is not legal in California. Providers found to be offering such services will be subject to both state and federal criminal laws, such as heavy fines and even imprisonment. You can, however, offer and play casino-style games online, not for real money.

Making online gambling legal could produce a massive windfall for the state, as seen in other states like Nevada. Overseas gaming providers like Entain, who own and operate  several global gaming brands, PartyCasino being one of the most recognisableof the lot – has been penetrating licensed markets all over the world. So there is no doubt that Entain and other reputable companies would invest to create a thriving online gambling scene in California. This would increase local tax revenue and create sustainable jobs for the state.

Can you play poker in California?

You can legally play poker in California in some settings. Residents are allowed to host poker games at home as long as there is no exchange for money. Thus, these poker games are not considered gambling. However, it is hard to police, and many illegal poker games unfold across the state.

Poker is available in a legal gambling setting in some card rooms and tribal casinos of the native American people. A more comprehensive attempt to legalise online poker was made in 2016, unofficially called The Gray Bill. It received opposition from players in the horse racing industry and ended up being unsuccessful.

Is sports betting legal in California?

Sports betting is more or less illegal, with the exception of betting on horse racing. There have been attempts to make other forms of sports betting legal across the state as recent as 2020.

In 2020 a new bill to legalise some sports betting was voted down. And in the same year, the bill was amended and put to a vote again. However, before the vote occurred, the bill was withdrawn due to opposition from tribal casino owners. After all, it would increase competition to these casinos and could damage their business.

Playing bingo and the lottery in California.

Some forms of bingo and lotteries are legal in California, depending on where these games of chance are held. These are usually organised and operated by the state as a way to generate some revenue.

How many tribal casinos are in California?

A tribal casino must have a legal operating license agreed between the tribe and the state. At the time of writing, there are 63 active tribal casino licenses, and no other permits are being awarded.


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