Cafe Sanuki, Tacos La Carreta headline Dirty Dining – Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-12-02 02:28:35 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) —The last month of the year begins with the support of a heap of dirty dining.

Spring Mountain Road Cafe Sanuki. And Decaturable Bird. The inspection on November 18 barely escaped the closure with a C grade of 39 disadvantages.

Food handlers with finger splints could not wash their hands properly and had to be reassigned to work that did not involve food handling.

Foods at unsafe temperatures included raw shrimp, crab meat, rice, and eggs, which were pointed out as repeated violations from previous tests.

Fish soup, udon noodles, flour, and large pots of cooked eggs were all uncovered and could be contaminated.

There was too much black mold on the ice machine.

The equipment was supported on dirty old bricks.

They had to remember three food safety practices: cooling food should not be stored on the floor, ready-to-eat food should not be touched with bare hands, and scoop handles should be on the food. Do not touch.

The owner, Henry Fan, sent the following statement: “Thanks to Channel 13 for allowing me to reply to this report. As an owner, I am responsible for keeping the brand’s promise of great local comfort food, value and freshness, but not only that. To ensure that our brand complies with all safety guidelines set by SNHD.

“SNHD is working with public safety in mind, and recent inspections have pointed out some of the issues that need to be addressed and reminded us (my team and me). Responsible and immediately undertook maintenance work. About the equipment that was in question during the inspection. All problems were addressed by my team and the equipment was fixed.

“Since its opening in 2017, we have always obtained A grade and will continue to maintain trust in the brand. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to our customers, friends, fans and neighbors. Please forgive my team’s oversights and mistakes, but I would like to emphasize that the issues SNHD addressed were not crudeness, dirt, pests, rotten food, rotten food, or these issues. ..

“The reputation of the Cafe Sanuki brand is about the freshness and value of our food, and we will do our best to keep that promise. The more appropriate title of this report is” Dirty Dining “. I think it should be “maintenance required”. Thank you very much. Las Vegas, for the continued support of our local business! “


Inspectors visited the Tacos La Caretta Food Trucks in Spring Mountain and Winroad on November 18 to investigate the following complaints: The salsa bar is uncovered and the radish and cactus (Nopal) are bad. I bought Rev. Tacos, but it smelled bad. No purchase receipt will be issued. ”

Inspectors verified the complaint after discovering that the one-door prep cooler seasoning station lacked a proper sneezing guard.

After a thorough inspection, the food truck was shut down due to “imminent and dangerous interconnection of water sources and no documented access to the toilet while driving over 30 minutes.”

It also has 39 disadvantages.

Cooked beef had to be thrown away because the temperature was dangerous.

Raw hot dogs, cooked pork, and raw pork were also in the temperature danger zone.

They were washing dishes and preparing meals in the same sink, with no knowledgeable personnel.

The call to the owner Juan Carlos Lopez for comment was not returned.


The inspector went to Four 90 on Spring Mountain Road. And Arville St. Followed up on the complaint on November 16th.

The customer writes: “My pho had cockroaches. This restaurant has received a lot of cockroach complaints on Yelp. Please shut down this place.”

The inspector was unable to substantiate the complaint because he did not find any pests, but after a full inspection, he was closed due to the imminent health hazard of lack of hot water.

Some food carts were lined with greasy cardboard, and some coolers and under the cookline were old food, debris, and grease.

The Pho 90 was re-examined on November 17th and received an “A” grade with zero disadvantages.

Owner Tuyet Mary Flynt said, “I agreed to the inspection and it was okay. The water tank went out and was preparing to shut down. I replaced the tank and restarted the next day.” ..


The Shake Shack-Strip casino at the New York-New York Hotel was also the subject of cockroach complaints.

On November 19, a customer said he saw a cockroach rushing from the kitchen area to the cashier in a health district and an employee knocking it down.

The inspector did not see any evidence of cockroach or cockroach activity, but there were flies.

Also, Shake Shack’s pest control records from October 19th show that there are cockroaches in a small pocket on the panel of the Custard machine. These machines are currently undergoing a two week deep cleaning rotation.

The person in charge told the inspector that the cockroach “seems to enter from the entrance of the cafeteria.”

No complaints about cockroaches could be confirmed, but the restaurant was closed due to an imminent health hazard due to lack of hot water.

It was re-examined and reopened on the same day with 6 disadvantages “A” grades.

Shake Shack Area Director Lissa Hamilton sent the following statement: “The hut was temporarily closed when it was discovered that the hot water was temporarily out. We immediately addressed the problem and reopened after 5 hours. We maintained the highest standards and always with the team and We work with independent partners to ensure that our hut is in great shape for our customers. ”


The last entry in this week’s report proves that it doesn’t even need to be open to the public to be inspected and “shut down.”

Rita Suites on Desert In-Road restaurant, bar, kitchen, buffet. Just east of Las Vegas Boulevard. It was closed in March 2020 and has not yet been reopened. However, the inspector discovered that there was still food there and it was not kept clean.

Nonetheless, everything was closed by the health district on November 19.

The restaurant had two imminent health hazards: lack of hot water and inadequate refrigeration.

It also has 21 disadvantages.

Inspectors found whipped cream and barbecue sauce that expired in 2020.

Dry storage granola bar, peanut butter and jelly expired in February.

Foods at unsafe temperatures included two containers of cooked baked beans and five boxes of cooked ham. All of that became garbage.

The ice machine was dirty, and the pots and dishes that were kept clean were also dirty.

There was old food in the pizza dough press.

The dishwasher wasn’t working at all. Like the walk-in refrigerator, it was tagged with a red tag.

The chopping board has grooves and is dirty and can no longer be easily cleaned.

The reach-in refrigerator and make-up table were dirty with old food.

There were holes in the walls and ceiling, and the floor and equipment were dirty.

The buffet breakfast was also closed due to lack of hot water.

The server station syrup was the best by 2019.

The shelves, drawers and juice machines were dirty with old food.

At the same closed bar, inspectors have been flying with moldy palmezan cheese since March 2020, pina colada syrup dated July 2019, pina colada syrup dated February 2020, and liquor bottles. I found.

The shelves and liquor wells were dirty, there was a reach air conditioner that polluted old food, and the corners of the shelves were wrapped in dirty disintegrating tape.

The inspector noted that the bar, kitchen and buffet were not in operation at the time of inspection due to COVID and will not be reopened until December 2022, but must be re-inspected by December 15.

Bruce Rondon, General Manager, states that the property is not open to the public at this time. It operates as a hotel for the homeless under a contract with Help in Clark County, southern Nevada.

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