Business Week: Space Travel Milestone


SpaceX rocket carrying four Americans Bombed from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday.. Orbital spaceflight was the first spaceflight to carry only non-professional astronaut passengers and was a milestone for the space travel industry. In addition to SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic plan to offer commercial spaceflight. But the latest flight was different from the short journeys Bezos and Branson made. Jumped into space in July.. The crew orbited the planet for three days.

House Democrats on Monday Announce plan For President Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion proposal to strengthen the social safety net, or at least part of it. The proposed tax measures could raise as much as $ 2.9 trillion in 10 years, but would fall short of the more aggressive measures previously proposed by Mr Biden and the Senate Democrats.It contains In the plan: The maximum tax rate for couples with taxable income over $ 450,000 and singles with taxable income over $ 400,000 has been raised from 37% to 39.6%. Top capital gains rate increased from 20% to 25%. A new 3% additional tax on Americans with adjusted total income over $ 5 million. And a step-by-step tariff system that raises taxes for large companies and reduces taxes for small and medium-sized companies.Progressive Senator Criticized the plan To target income, not wealth.The purpose of the approach is Very rich instead of those with huge fortunes..

Apple announced new versions of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch on Tuesday.The prices of these products did not change Almost the same, As with most devices themselves..society Hope With the addition of features and minor design improvements, customers will continue to buy the product. The new iPhone has a brighter screen, longer battery life, a more powerful camera and computer processor, but primarily works the same as last year’s model. NS Apple watch The display area has been changed to be larger and more durable, and the iPad lineup has been changed. More important updates..So far the strategy is working: iPhone sales Exploded during a pandemic..

Last month, President Biden Providing a third shot of the Covid-19 vaccine As early as September 20th to most Americans.But as scientists argued, the plan was fluid Whether you need a booster shot..The administration has already postponed plans to provide boosters To the recipient of the Moderna vaccine After regulators say they need more time to determine the appropriate dose for the third shot. On Friday, a Food and Drug Administration adviser in charge of vaccination unanimously recommended Pfizer vaccine booster shots to Pfizer vaccine recipients. People over the age of 65 or at high risk for severe Covid-19.. Last Friday, the advisory board voted against a wide range of recommendations to make booster shots available to people over the age of 16. The FDA does not have to follow the advisor’s recommendations, but it usually does. The agency is expected to make a decision within a few days.

The Federal Reserve Board will meet this week to discuss monetary policy, and this meeting may be important.Many economists expect the Fed to reveal details about when and how it begins to shrink. Bond purchase program, One of several policies created to reduce the economic impact of a pandemic. John C. Williams, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, hinted this month: Central bank may start process by the end of the year, Even if the employment market is growing slowly.The Federal Reserve Board will also release new economic forecasts that will signal how and how fast it expects. High inflation Fade.

The stock market was visible after a series of record highs More indecisive this month.. Whether the Federal Reserve Board will begin to withdraw its financial support, Congress raises federal borrowing limit Before the final details of potential defaults and infrastructure spending packages — and how it is funded.

Senator Elizabeth Warren joins the Fed Dissolve Wells Fargo..Walmart Start testing self-driving delivery service With Ford Motor.American people Spending $ 40 billion annually on bird watching.. And the 73rd Emmy Awards for the best TV shows will air on CBS this Sunday.

Business Week: Space Travel Milestone

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