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    Burberry poaches Versace’s British boss

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    Burberry In itself became the new British boss. Marco Gobbetti of Italy announced in June that he would replace Burberry trenches with soft leather and silk ties from the Florentine group Ferragamo. Burberry has now attacked another Italian fashion group for Gobetti’s successor.

    Jonathan Eikeroid Since 2016, he has been the Chief Executive Officer of Gianni Versace, based in Milan. Meanwhile, the brand was acquired by US group Michael Kors for $ 2.1 billion. But his pedigree is in the British brand. He spent 12 years as CEO of the British brand Alexander McQueen and 15 years as the merchandising director of the Harrods department store in London.

    There is a price to pay for Akeroyd’s move. Buyout Awards £ 6m, Base Salary £ 1.1m, Double Salary Annual Salary, and 162.5% Salary Stock Plan Award to Compensate for Leaving Versace. He will join in April next year and Gobetti will resign at the end of December. Ricardo Tisi, an Italian designer brought by Gobetti, remains in the group.

    For a summary of where Gobetti leaves Burberry, Check out this work From last month by Lauren Indvik.

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    Deliveroo Upgraded its full-year financial forecast after third-quarter orders exceeded expectations. Deliveroo estimates that the total trading value, which is an indicator of orders placed through the platform, will increase by 60-70% annually instead of the previously predicted 50-60%. Consumers continued to order takeaways after the restaurant reopened, but the average order value fell slightly.

    Official Inflation rate This morning’s announcement showed that the annual pace of price increases in September slowed, dropping from 3.2% in August to 3.1% last month. Restaurant prices curbed further price increases due to an artificial surge last year after the end of an Eat Out to Help Out-funded meal plan. Economists expect inflation to rise again by the end of the year.

    Shopping center landlord Hammerson He said rent collection rates have improved to 70% of payments, while are currently 15-20% below 2019 levels. Britain is ahead of Ireland and France.

    Also, there is an update from today Metrobank And the miner Antofagasta, in the meantime Rio tinto Today is the day after the chief strategy officer, there is a strategy day Announced that he will quit..

    Beyond square miles

    Goldmans CEO David Solomon argued that banks could close the valuation gap with their rivals. In an interview with FT, he said the stock price was “Take care of yourselfWhen a lender implements a strategy to diversify from investment banking and transactions.

    Railroad group Canadian national The CEO will resign a few weeks after UK hedge fund manager Chris Horn asks for his resignation. The Montreal-based group said the departure of Jean-Jacques Ruest was a planned retirement. But last month he saidFastest forward“.

    When Squid game helped Netflix New subscribers doubled year-over-year, indicating a stronger end to the year after slowing growth in the first half of the year. The Korean drama released last month was the launch of the largest series of video streaming services in history. Report of Christopher Grimes From LA, we reach more than 142 million viewers worldwide. Don’t spoil, there’s still one episode left.

    Important comments before going

    “NS Bank of England The £ 28bn problem. “That’s how our capital markets correspondent Tommy Stubington says The challenges facing central banks After a sudden shift to higher interest rates. The Bank of England has promised that the rewinding of the £ 875 billion bond purchase program will be “gradual and predictable.” But now it may start with a bang — and it may cause problems for investors.

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