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In another year In the venture capital record in the book, I’m looking forward to it.

Global data was clear: Venture capital startup investment cycle in 2021 Record breakingAround the world, startups have raised more money than ever before, and individual regions have raised more money than ever before.

Africa It was a killer year.. North America was hot. Latin America was busy. Asia Regulatory crackdown in China.. But Europe.Europe very Busy, something we sought Earlier this week..

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PitchBook data Venture activities collected during the 2021 investment cycle in Europe will increase by approximately 120% from 2020 levels to € 102.9 billion. CB Insight Data It shows that European start-ups raised $ 93.3 billion last year, an increase of 142% compared to 2020 results. Both sources reported an increase in volume as well, indicating that the continent did not simply see late rounds boosting that number.

But there are potential market chops on the horizon. The recent sale of major comps in the stock market to high-growth, high-value start-ups has caused tremors. TechCrunch explored this concept, but don’t think we’re playing any destructive chicken little routine, venture capital The changing view of startup funding is that CNBC, Newcomer and other publications are actively investigating.

In late December, Exchange asked if an era of very rich software evaluation was behind us. Today I would like to expand my question and focus on Europe, including all startups. What will happen to this year’s bright red startup market?

To help with that question, we enclosed Naryn PatelEMEA VC Analyst at PitchBook, and Christoph JantzCo-founder of Point Nine Capital, helps us delve into the future of European ventures.

What is at stake? Wealth health and continued growth in the hundreds of billions of dollars of private market.

Why Europe will accelerate in 2022

The fact that Europe has had a wonderful 2021 can mean two things. It cannot continue at that pace, or the materials are in place for the larger 2022. Nalin Patel of PitchBook is betting on the latter, both sides of the table.

On the investor side, Patel pointed out that there are large quantities of dry powder available from a variety of sources. “International and non-traditional investors such as corporate VCs, PE companies and sovereign wealth funds invest in fast-growing European start-ups seeking to expand globally, along with larger traditional VC funds. We are fiercely competing to do. “

Bullish or bearish? What to expect for Europe VC activity in 2022 – TechCrunch Source link Bullish or bearish? What to expect for Europe VC activity in 2022 – TechCrunch

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