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Assorted fried chicken.

He was destined to open a fried chicken restaurant to hear chef Charles Dublin tell the story. Over the years, the chef of a fine dining restaurant has perfected his homemade recipe along with other delicious, high-cholesterol-inducing Southern dishes.

Brookside Poultry Company was his first venture to the market. The same is true between the tiny little Brookside alcove. Even if it was a big hit, it cannot be justified anywhere. D’Ablaing was sold out almost every night. If I needed his weekly chicken fried chicken special, I had to order it a few days in advance. However, D’Ablaing continued to suffer from cramped places.

So when chicken lovers found a bigger picnic-encounter-industrial space, he was all in.

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Roasted garlic butter and cheddar biscuits.

Well, until the pandemic is attacked by revenge.

“It was a pain,” he laments. “We moved into the midst of a pandemic blockade. We were buying and selling new homes, living in small apartments with new babies, and trying to get things done to run family and business at the same time. . Oh, and All It has been shut down. “

Fast-forwarding to a recent press event, D’Ablaing had the opportunity to showcase his new, family-friendly bargain, along with a selection of comfort food menus. He replied immediately when a greedy patron asked what was the secret behind his immediately iconic fried chicken. “Buttermilk may be more traditional, but because it contains a lot of delicious fat, we use sour cream instead of buttermilk,” he admits.

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Chef / Owner Charles d’Ablaing

The chef is also in the restaurant The relaxed atmosphere was definitely created by the design. “I was fed up with eating with a young child and was uncomfortable with the turmoil he might cause in a better restaurant,” says D’Ablaing. “So I wanted something that would allow parents to have a chef-quality meal, as well as something superfamily-friendly that would allow your child to break the place.”

In addition to ample space between the tables, there are plenty of crayons and paper. “Children can get up and move around without much confusion,” he says. “In addition, there are already a lot of foods that kids love, especially chicken tenders and wings, so there is no kids menu.”

D’Ablaing’s extensive menu also pays homage to the southern staple food. You can’t live the best life without ordering shrimp and grits, and / or fried green tomatoes.

“First, we use saltwater roasted, locally grown and pasture-raised bar ham chicken, spit on it,” he says. “Second, it’s almost all chicken. Don’t mess with ridiculous grapes and nuts in your salad.”

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Cheddar grits with Parmesan cheese and shrimp stewed in chili butter.

D’Ablaing says it offers fine dining in an unpretentious atmosphere, just to let people know. “Locally owned and operated restaurants like us still need help. We need a diner,” he says. “We need people to come in and spend money. We all hurt.”

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