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    Brock Davies: Lala Kent Is Right! I Haven’t Seen My Kids In Years!

    NS 9th season Vander pump rules It started this week, but unfortunately the show seems to have started prematurely. Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part of its holding period.

    What we mean is that producers seem to get the impression that viewers continue to pay attention to their love for the rest of the cast members. It made the series a hit in the first place.

    Jacks Taylor has been firedStash Schrader and Kristenduto were released long ago …

    Hell, even those beginners awkwardly packed into the cast last season were sh-tcanned.

    And many fans Addition The numbers of Brett, Max and Chad were a sign that the glorious days of the Vander Pump were over.

    (This was a test to see if I remember any of the SUR rookies. There was no Chad!)

    Anyway, the remaining few survivors are doing their best to bring the drama, but it’s magnificent enough to start a fist fight in a cardigan designed by Jax or plant a vicious backhand by Stassi. It’s clear that you’ll never enjoy the sight again. Unquestionable Kristen’s face.

    Stassi Schroeder attacks Kristen Doot

    Of course, it’s not that there is no drama at all.

    For example, the feud between Lala Kent and Brock Davis can develop into something semi-interesting.

    If you are not aware Brock is the fiancée of Scheana Shay, And I haven’t seen enough people to comment on his personality, but I think he can mount a flatscreen TV on the wall in 4 seconds.

    Brock Davis and Xana Shay

    Scheana and Brock have children In April-first for her, third for him.

    Obviously, the fact that Brock has children from a previous relationship is okay, but according to Lara, Davis is a dad People who haven’t seen their children for four years.

    “Brock has two children,” Kent told Kate Maloney: Vander pump rules Season 9 trailer premiered earlier this month.

    “He hasn’t talked to them for four years.”

    The subject has not yet been taken up in the show, but Brock seems to have decided to stand in front of this controversy by addressing Lara’s allegations.

    And to my surprise, the guy confirmed that they were true this week!

    Scheana Marie, boyfriend

    “They were my children, their lives were private and they didn’t decide to date Shana. I did,” Brock said.

    “I had to accept it because I was told, it was there and I knew it was coming.”

    You may have noticed that Brock did not deny the rumor. Vander pump The fan base will not be particularly good for him this season.

    Scheana Shay and Brock Davies together

    “I told my troops throughout the season that I had to step up to the plate. I knew there was a past, and if I could change that, I would,” Davis continued.

    “But at the same time, we are here, so we need to make sure we are still doing the right thing.”

    In one episode of the Bravo reality show, the man has already talked about his “army.” can not!

    Photos of Scheana Shay and Brock Davies

    Brock added that he was “another place” in his recent life and said he “did the right thing” in the future.

    “It’s obviously not my most proud moment, but it’s part of my life,” Davis concludes.

    So … Brock admits he went for years without seeing his children, but he also says it was long ago.

    Scheana Shay and boyfriend

    But he also lives in Los Angeles, his children live in Australia, and Covid makes it impossible to move between these two places.

    So, did Brock actually meet his children lately, or he asked us to take us in his words that he was completely planning to meet them someday. Are you out?

    This can be one of the most annoying situations in Vanderpump’s history. This is really, really saying something!

    Brock Davies: Lala Kent Is Right! I Haven’t Seen My Kids In Years! Source link Brock Davies: Lala Kent Is Right! I Haven’t Seen My Kids In Years!

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