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    Britney Spears Thanks #FreeBritney Movement: I’m Gonna Be Free Because of You!

    last week, James Spears has been suspended as a guardian Judge Brenda Penny, the long-awaited victory for his daughter.

    Fresh from her Clothesless vacation in paradise Britney Spears is back with his fiancé Sam Asgari.

    She took an inventory of all the spiritual and emotional things that led to her victory in court last week.

    And Britney knows exactly who to thank: the fans who have been in her corner since day one.

    On Monday, Facebook’s ongoing efforts to radicalize the old man through false information on anger baits stumbled.

    All Facebook properties, including Instagram, were down for hours.

    Perhaps that’s why Britney Spears used Twitter to share these messages-she’s the first time she’s tweeted about a social media break.

    Britney Spears wears only her hands

    “# FreeBritney movement … I have no words …” she wrote on Monday night.

    “For your constant resilience in freeing me from you and my parents …” she commented.

    Britney asserted, “My life is in that direction now !!!!!”.

    Britney Spears Tweet, Thanks to Britney

    “I cried for two hours last night because the fans are the best and I know that …” Britney spewed out.

    In a follow-up tweet, she added another message.

    “I feel your heart, you feel mine …” Britney writes. “What I know is true!”

    Britney Spears Tweets-I Feel Your Heart

    Britney cross-posted this message to Instagram (after IG’s functionality was restored) and shared another update:

    “Recover after a trip to French Polynesia !!!!” She talked about her recent trip.

    Britney added, “It’s such a cool place.”

    Britney Spears Tweet-Returned from French Polynesia

    Everyone knows that anyone with as many fans as Britney will inevitably have many blissful stupid commentators.

    When someone congratulated her on her visit to “France”, she had to make it clear on Instagram that it was French territory, not France itself.

    Don’t let Britney explain the geography.Unless you’re one of her great teenage sons, it’s No Her work.

    Britney Spears flashes the ocean

    The #FreeBritney movement began in earnest in 2019 as her parental awareness increased.

    At that time, Britney was suddenly admitted to some kind of mental wellness center at the behest of his father.

    Many of us who were supporters of Britney knew that her dad was bad news, but since then we have all learned a lot.

    Britney Spears and Sam Asgari Engagement

    Britney’s power of attorney occurred in the early years of social media, where direct access to celebrities was much less.

    In contrast, she had little social media activity and was suddenly trapped for weeks and sounded a warning.

    An accompanying report on how this was in her father’s orders and against her will following the controversy over her medicine and work … it didn’t work.

    Britney Spears stare

    Britney was already in her mid-30s and was a grown-up woman with two wonderful sons.

    Why couldn’t she choose herself, even if she was a very talented singer and not one of the best performers in the world?

    In recent years, the general public has learned a lot about the horror of the power of attorney.

    Britney Spears is paradise and topless

    Britney’s plight has happened to a myriad of other people who are not very famous and cannot fight back.

    Disability rights advocates have been talking about this for years and are now taking it more seriously.

    After all, if a world-famous millionaire like Britney could deprive her of her rights in front of the world, what opportunities do many others have? Is not it?

    Britney Spears Engagement Ring Photo

    After all, the power of attorney is almost impossible to abolish once it is in place.

    Britney had to fight for years with extensive public support just to replace her terrible dad with a guardian of her choice.

    There is no mistake. She is not completely free yet. She has a better, better person who approves to spend her money.

    Britney in Blue

    This is a matter of integrating both sides of the political aisle. This was either a very good sign historically or a very bad sign.

    It’s true that public attention, including street demonstrations, continued to put pressure on us and showed that we couldn’t beat Jamie Spears.

    But Britney Spears can only find justice in court-and the judge’s ruling cannot return her the years and money lost over most of her adulthood.

    Britney Spears Thanks #FreeBritney Movement: I’m Gonna Be Free Because of You! Source link Britney Spears Thanks #FreeBritney Movement: I’m Gonna Be Free Because of You!

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