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    Britney Spears Destroys Her Sister: You’re Total Scum, Jamie Lynn!

    The relationship between Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears has changed from bad to worse to totally depressing.

    In late 2021, when she fought to end the power of attorney, Britney occasionally turned a less subtle shot at her sister about how Jamie Lynn never tried to help her break out of control. I wrote a vague social media message. Of her father.

    But now?

    Is the power of attorney ending, Britney not afraid to speak her heart, and Jamie Lynn trying to sell her memoirs?

    Now the gloves are not just off. They were obviously abandoned forever.

    Last wednesday, Jamie Lynn appears in Good Morning America In the process, I talked in detail about her famous brother to promote her book.

    “That love is still 100 percent left. I love my sister. I love and support her and she just did the right thing. She knows that,” she said in this interview. I told reporter Juju Chan as part of it.

    “So I don’t know why we are in this position right now,” added a former actress of bonds shattered into millions.


    Later in this same sit-in, Jamie Lynn said she was still a teenager when Britney experienced a collapse of her mental health in 2008 and was placed under the financial control of their dad. explained.

    “I’ve only tried to help, so the notion of saying the opposite is totally ridiculous,” the two mothers insisted in the air.

    “When she needs help, I set up a way to do so, and the contacts she needs to go ahead and end this protection and end all this for our family. Did not disturb me to make sure I have. “

    Jamie Lynn Spears close-up

    On her side, Britney saw things differently.

    She responded to Jamie Lynn’s GMA appearance as follows: Blame my sister for selling a book At her expense, add:

    “She didn’t have to work for something. Everything was always given to her !!!”

    And now, Britney has blamed Jamie Lynn even harder.

    Britney Spears, after dancing

    By promoting What i should have said, Jamie Lynn explained at ABC this week why Britney once included in his memoirs allegations that he had a knife and locked them together in a room.

    According to Jamie Lynn, she was “scary” during a possible incident, and the resulting experience speaks to her “my panic attack.”

    In a statement released on Twitter, Britney responded to that claim, saying Jamie Lynn “surrendered to a whole new level of LOW.”

    Britney Spears seduces

    “I’ve never been around you with a knife, and I’ve even thought about doing so !!!” 40 years old was added.

    “The only knife I saw with you at home was to cut the biggest squash I’ve seen in my life. It was too big for me to cut …

    “So stop with these crazy lies for Hollywood books!

    “Now, and only now I know that only Scum guys make up such things about someone. It’s not honestly like you, so I’m really about you making it up. Very confused !!!! “

    Free Britney Spears!

    Britney wasn’t dragging Jamie Lynn either.

    “Congratulations on your sister’s introduction [to] The concept of winning LOW … LOWER … LOWEST … is because you won one of them, Baby !!!!, “she added in a rebuke.

    In response to this response?

    Jamie Lynn I asked Britney to stop lying Her family is threatened with murder.

    Britney Spears is back from vacation

    “The last thing I want to do is do this, but it’s here,” Jamie Lynn wrote on January 14.

    “It’s hard to see these posts because the world feels too. I hope she gets well. Brit, I’m always here, you’re the stage I’m always here I know the back.

    “If your conversation or private text doesn’t match what you posted on social media, you’re exhausted.

    “I know you are experiencing a lot, and I never want to reduce it, but I can’t reduce myself either.”

    Jamie Lynn Spears

    Closing the young spear:

    “That said, I hate bursting my sister’s bubble, but my book isn’t about her.

    “I can’t help being born as a Spears, and that some of my experience has to do with my sister.”

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