Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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    Britney Spears: Chill Out! I’m Gonna Make Sam Asghari Sign a Prenup!

    Free Britney?

    At the moment, it’s more similar … protects Britney.

    A few days after Britney Spears announced his engagement with Sam Asgari, fans on the Internet continue to celebrate development, many of which need attention.

    They are crazy about singers, but they are also worried about singers.

    They want to make sure Asgari is made to sign a prenuptial agreement.

    The personal trainer created Spears during the shooting of the music video in 2016 and has been constantly providing love, affection and support for her throughout her five-year relationship.


    Britney is worth more than $ 60 million, Sam isn’t.

    “”That’s incredible“The 39-year-old singer captioned her and her brand new fiancée’s Instagram video last weekend.

    If the statement was not clear enough, Asghari’s manager went ahead and made it official through the next statement.

    “The couple today formalized their long-standing relationship and were deeply moved by the support, dedication, and love expressed to them,” said Brandon Cohen.

    Meanwhile, in a sweet and romantic video, Spears flaunted her shiny engagement ring by Asgari. It’s not small, as shown below!

    However, after hours of social media users spending hours congratulating the couple, many strangers felt the need to provide Britney with important life advice.

    Yes, they trust Asgari.

    Yes, they are excited about him and Britney and are looking forward to their wedding.

    But no, Britney, for the love of God … you just can’t blindly trust this guy!

    Asgari even allowed the push Regarding prenuptial agreements from people who have never met him, he said on Monday:

    “Thank you everyone for worrying about the prenuptial agreement!” Sam started.

    “Of course, we have a prenuptial agreement for ironclads,” he added to his followers.

    Asgari then said it would be “protecting my jeep and shoe collection in case she abandoned me someday.”

    Sam Asgari IG Story-Prenuptial Agreement Jokes

    The man is joking!

    It’s no wonder Britney is so crazy about it.

    But for clarity, TMZ confirms that Sam isn’t completely joking.

    Couple WillSure, we sign a prenuptial agreement to protect Britney’s property-just in case something goes wrong.

    You never know

    This was Britney’s third marriage, following a very short union with his high school friend Jason Alexander, and then several years as the spouse of Kevin Federline, the father of Spears’ two sons. Will be.

    But on her side, Britney doesn’t seem to be so worried.

    Between this engagement and her news Dad is finally ready to resign As her guardian, the artist feels pretty good now.

    I wrote Britney on Instagram yesterday:

    I waited 13 years and counted my freedom !!!!!

    Once again … Team #FreeBritney You guys fuck the kick ass !!!!! I love you so much and God blesses you.

    Britney Spears: Chill Out! I’m Gonna Make Sam Asghari Sign a Prenup! Source link Britney Spears: Chill Out! I’m Gonna Make Sam Asghari Sign a Prenup!

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