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    Britney Spears and the perils of female celebrity

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    Oouuuff Britney. Within days of news that his father, Jamie, had submitted documents to a Los Angeles court to end the 13-year power of attorney, Britney Spears announced his engagement with actor Sam Asgari. The personal trainer she first met in 2016. The couple was later explained to be looking for a lawyer who could supervise their pre-engagement, and Spears invalidated her Instagram account for a “break.”

    Britney Watcher has long regarded her Instagram as a portal that believes the singer conveys a secret message about her condition. Recently, the portal offers a ton of enthusiastic dance videos to find her cicadas, Hallmark card hymns, and bathroom SELPHY-nude. As a part-time Britney collusion, when it comes to the power of attorney, something doesn’t feel right about the whole thing.

    Thirteen years later, Spears is slowly shaking off enslavement to legal guardians who have managed all of the estimated $ 60 million in property, social and professional involvement. Instead of swallowing the rush of oxygen that would accompany her potential freedom, Spears rushes to a lawyer with another piece of paper that could tie her to another man instead. It seems unusual to have marked it. Having already endured two nasty, legally problematic marriages, does it make sense for Spears to enjoy some more dates instead?

    As a modern parable about the dangers of female celebrities, Britney is the poster child of this generation. A very public journey from Spears’ sweet naif to an evil pop star, like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, is a whole era of modern show business, where her experience has been repackaged as a caution story. It extends. Appearing in strange dim light before smartphones and social media, but when the story is already being talked about online, spears are when the media could run unchecked. , Was one of the victims of the paparazzi frenzy against star content. There was no opportunity to correct the story on social media, and no smartphone to capture the day-to-day horrors faced by vulnerable young women. Looking back at the footage of Spears’ career in the stratosphere, it’s shocking to see the persecution she faced in her daily life. Social media can be dangerous and addictive, but when used to emphasize inhumane treatment, it describes at least some behavior. ..

    Britney has become the embodiment of a toxic industry that sexually commercializes and exploits young women, but I think we have made progress since her appearance. See the calculations in Hollywood following Harvey Weinstein’s shame. Listen to the repercussions of social justice activists who are still reverberating around #metoo.New documentary to avert one’s eyesPraises pedophilia in classic rock songs for sexual exploitation in the music industry in the 70’s and 80’s, and Steve Tyler makes her his “legal ward” at the age of 16. That won’t happen today, we tell ourselves. And after watching the footage of the Met Gala, one of the most famous celebrity gatherings in the world, I wonder if things really changed.

    Billie Eilish at Met Gala, New York earlier this week © WireImage

    Yes, the language has changed. But even with the encouragement of all body positivity and personal freedom, the conversation still revolves around the female body and her sexual currency. For example, witness Jennifer Lopez. The 52-year-old “qween” has a pneumatic body that captivated the internet this summer with a rekindled romance with the actor Ben Affleck, who first met nearly 20 years ago. “Watch them kiss through the mask!” And I’m the only one who felt a little depressing to see the amazing Billie Eilish. For a long time, wrapped in a pop princess anti-heroine and a tribute to the obvious sexualization Marilyn Monroe emerging from the unfriendly teenage Chrysalis to host a dressed Met Gala, platinum hair and fairy tulle. rice field. Some women used it as a sign to walk their bodies. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, in particular, wore a gown wearing “Tax the Rich” and crossed her hips to overturn the public’s gaze. Most of the others wore almost nothing. Whatever the dominant politics or agenda, men still wore suits and sneakers, and women slammed.

    Kim Kardashian makes a statement at the Metropolitan Museum of Art © Matt Baron / Shutterstock

    Read “Peg the Patriarchy”, the bodice worn by model Cara Delevingne. But a more interesting statement came from Kim Kardashian. Real-life stars and lingerie entrepreneurs have appeared in the Met Gala, wrapped in black from head to toe. Was it a comment on women’s freedom currently being reduced from Texas to Afghanistan? Was it an inner self-rejection? Kardashian has built his career by owning impossible vital statistics and a body image partially designed by her husband, Kanye West, who is currently applying for divorce. Did this look like her own expression of some sort of liberation? Or, the final approval of obedience to her body — her silhouette is now very symbolic and is a personality in itself.

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