British government is trying to prevent pig tragedy late


NS Pig arrives Panic at the slaughterhouse. It enters a room full of carbon dioxide and it knocks it out. Then there is the disassembly line. Slaughtermen hang pigs upside down, tear their throats and remove internal organs. Bonner splits it with a mechanical saw. Devoner slices muscle from bone. The trimmer prepares to pack the meat. The work is hard, bloody and miserable. It can take up to 3 years to learn.

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Nationally, there is a shortage of these skilled workers. The US Open believes that there are 125,000 to 150,000 pigs waiting to turn into pork. Prime Minister Boris Johnson sought to minimize the problem. However, on October 14, the government continued to put pressure on it, announcing 800 new 6-month visas for butchers. They need to be chopped quickly to prevent hundreds of thousands of pigs from being wasted.

The problem started in China. In China, almost half of Britain’s pork exports were sent last year, preferring basic cuts. Import demand declined this year as Chinese farms are recovering from African swine fever. In short, we need more advanced slaughterhouse workers. “When exporting to China, you can send the whole leg … here you have to make the loin steak completely,” explains Besan Wilkins, an independent administrative agency of the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Commission. To do.

This has affected farms throughout Europe, but UK farms face additional problems. In September, a carbon dioxide deficiency was added to the backlog (gas is used for meat packaging and splendid things). Post-Brexit immigration rules, especially language rules, are also beginning to bite.Most slaughterhouse butchers said, “I wanted to work with my own hands, so maybe [weren’t] “Top of their class,” says Nick Allen of the British Meat Producers Association. “our HR People are not sure if they will pass this test in their language. “

Modern pig farming is vulnerable to turmoil. Allen said: “Your Holy Grail is to produce the same number of pigs each week, regardless of the season.” Welfare law requires that pigs be given enough space to turn around and lie down freely. increase. The backlog makes this tricky. Even if farmers can find the space, they also face other problems. Feed prices are high and slaughter of large pigs is expensive. The problem is that boar taint is the strange taste of uncast older boars.

If the beasts are not killed in the slaughterhouse, they will be killed on the farm and legally ineligible for human consumption. Industry insiders welcome visas, but they believe that the UK needs more than 10,000 skilled butchers. The government will also establish a “private storage aid” system to store carcasses for three to six months and withdraw taxes on pork products. In the long run, its purpose is to attract more British people to the industry. The problem is that they are a bunch of animal lovers.

This article was published in the UK section of the printed version under the heading “Making Pig’s Ears”.

British government is trying to prevent pig tragedy late

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