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    Brian Laundrie’s Sister Breaks Silence, Urges Suspected Killer to Turn Himself In

    Brian Laundry’s sister delivered a very public message to her infamous brother.

    Kathy Laundry spoke for the first time since her brother disappeared on Tuesday, telling Good Morning America about Gabby Petit’s death and her brother’s role in this tragedy.

    “I’m worried about him. I hope he’s okay,” Kathy said in this interview.

    “I’m angry and don’t know what to think. I’ll just tell my brother to step forward and get out of this horrific mess.”

    Of course, Brian Laundry has been missing for weeks.

    September 21, his girlfriend, Petit, Confirmed dead After the couple traveled all over the country, Gabby recorded the trip via a video uploaded to her popular YouTube account.

    Confirmation came 18 days after authorities said Laundry had returned to his parents’ Florida home in Gabby’s car-but Without it Gabby on his side.

    Laundrie left her Florida home on September 14 after Petito’s parents reported her missing on September 11 … and hasn’t been seen since, his parents told authorities Told.

    Brian Laundry Photo

    According to Kathy, she last talked to her brother and saw him eight days before he disappeared when his family went to Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County, Florida.

    “We went for just a few hours, ate dinner, ate s’more around the campfire and left, and there was nothing special about it,” she told GMA.

    “I didn’t feel great farewell.

    “There was nothing.”

    Gabby Petite, Brian Laundry

    So far, authorities have not explicitly linked the laundromat to Petit’s death.

    However, He is an interested person A federal arrest warrant has also accused him of illegally using someone else’s debit card, which is considered a flight risk.

    Coroners last month ruled that Petit’s death was a murder.

    In addition, a recently released body camera footage from the August 12 911 Call was placed by a spectator who claimed to have witnessed a laundromat attacking Petit. Abuse Gabby suffered in hand Of her boyfriend.

    Brian Laundry

    Brian’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundry, said they had never seen a son living with him in North Port, Florida, since September 14.

    Gabby also lived with her family before she died.

    According to Kathy, she is working with authorities and wants all her loved ones to do the same.

    Laundry sister

    “I’m in contact with law enforcement agencies,” she told ABC.

    “Gabby’s justice will look like someone goes forward and tells the truth.

    “I don’t know if my parents are involved.

    “If so, I think it should be clean.”

    Gabby Petite and Brian Laundry

    In a previous statement to E! In the news, a laundromat lawyer said Chris and Roberta didn’t know where Brian was now.

    “They are worried about Brian and hope the FBI can find him,” the lawyer said.

    “Some of the public and the press said they helped Brian leave his family’s home and helped his parents avoid arrest in a warrant issued after Brian had already gone missing for a few days. Speculation is wrong. “

    Gabby Petit in a yellow shirt

    of another In a previous statement, Brian’s lawyer addressed a warrant that the client “intentionally used one or more unauthorized access devices, including debit cards, intentionally fraudulently” through the following message: ..

    “I understand that Brian Laundry’s arrest warrant is related to the activities that took place after Gabby Petit’s death, not her actual death.

    “The FBI is focused on Brian’s search, and if that happens, the details of the allegations subject to the indictment will be taken up in the appropriate forums.”

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