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    Brian Laundrie: Will His Parents Go to Prison for Misleading Authorities?

    More than a month later, Brian Laundrie’s parents began helping to find the son of the missing fugitive.

    Investigator Discovered human corpse Near Brian’s belongings.Those ruins Identified as Brian’s body..

    His death is the complexity of Gabby Petito’s family’s answer and quest for closure.

    There are other questions … what his parents knew, when they knew it, and whether they would be prosecuted.

    Brian Laundrie has been hoping for a fugitive for the past few weeks.

    However, although Gabby Petito’s strangulation death was sentenced to murder, he was not officially charged with the crime.

    Instead, he was faced with a federal warrant about the easily proven use of her bank card after her death.

    Brian Laundrie Photo

    But Brian will never look inside the courtroom, his dental records show.

    This week, investigators searched a previously submerged area of ​​the Carlton Reserve in the wilderness of North Point, Florida.

    There are many things that the public and even the authorities do not know, but what was left for Brian was found relatively short distance from his parents’ home.

    Brian Laundrie on the beach

    Christopher and Roberta Laundrie haven’t been a favorite of everyone for the past month and a half.

    No one thinks they knew that Gabby would die in advance. Most people don’t think Brian knows that either.

    But the situation of Brian’s disappearance, the proximity to his home, and more people make people wonder … did his parents commit a crime?

    Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie

    Being a criminal accessory, including after the fact, is a crime in itself.

    People can also face the crime of obstructing justice.

    Lie to the police is not necessarily a crime in itself, but it can be part of one or both crimes.

    Brian Laundrie Snapshot

    Florida lawyer John M. Phillips spoke In Touch Weekly About where the laundry can stand when the dust has settled down.

    “Lies can be an accessory or hindrance to justice,” he said.

    Legally speaking, Phillips said: “Brian’s parents have no obligation to cooperate. [with authorities].. “

    Gabby Petito admiring the view

    “But once done,” Phillips continued, “they could be prosecuted for obstructing the judiciary or lying to the police.”

    “If they knew where Brian was, or told them he had killed Gabby,” he said.

    Phillips continued “or if they helped him escape.”

    Brian Laundrie on YouTube

    As Phillips mentioned when talking about their obligations, knowing where he is and not reporting it can be complicated to prosecute.

    That changed when they agreed to help the investigators-from that point on, misleading them could be a crime.

    But what if they helped him escape, knowing that the authorities were looking for him and why? That can be pretty clear.

    Gabby Petito and winged mural

    If someone gives Brian supplies to survive and allows him to evade the authorities, they could be prosecuted.

    He would have needed food, clothing, water, gear, medicine, etc. to last any time in the woods.

    Under such circumstances, providing assistance either before or after his disappearance can lead to prosecution.

    Brian Laundrie body camera footage

    This is where the timeline provided by the laundry comes in handy.

    Initially, they told investigators that Brian was hiking on September 14, but disappeared.

    They later revised the statement, stating that it was September 13th instead of 14th.

    Gabby Petito Body Camera Video

    Their lawyers argued that this was an honest mistake based on their memory.

    Given the situation, many may be wondering how such details can glide someone’s mind.

    Your son will have a defensive wound on his arm and will return home without a girlfriend. His girlfriend is missing and don’t remember when he disappeared?

    Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie

    Through their lawyer, Laundry repeatedly denied having knowledge of Brian’s location.

    They also shot down the accusations of trying to mislead investigators and give them more time to evade them.

    Still, social media users quickly pointed out how strange it was to participate in the survey this week … and suddenly Brian was found.

    Laundry and petite

    But Florida is … well, you have to remember that it’s Florida.

    The American nightmare peninsula actually has legal tax exemptions for close relatives.

    In Florida alone, the wanted fugitive’s parents were not charged as “subsequent accessories”, even if they helped him disappear.

    Brian Laundrie Photo

    But unlike Brian’s body, which was compared to his dental records, his parents are not outside the woods.

    Brian has already been charged with federal crimes and could be charged with even more charges if arrested.

    Therefore, if his parents interfere with a federal case in any criminal way, they may face federal accusations.

    Brian Laundrie

    Indeed, the general public and authorities have spent a great deal of time and resources looking for Brian.

    In the process, several other bodies were discovered-human bodies that did not receive this kind of attention or human resources.

    This case was complex and highlighted many of the failures of our system.

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