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    Brian Austin Green on Sharna Burgess’s relationship and his “DWTS” horror-Hollywood Life

    Brian Austin Green talked about his “disappointed” girlfriend Sharna Burgess during the run on “DWTS.” He admitted that he didn’t want to “crush” her dream of loving dance.

    Brian Austin Green When Sharna Burgess Brought their love to the upper ballroom Dance with the stars..Brian wants to be his absolute best as they navigate the competition and their relationships His girlfriend..Brian and Sharna spoke with reporters, including: Hollywood Life, About whether they are afraid to disappoint each other while on DWTS..

    “When we first spent more time dating each other, she was talking about the fact that it would be so great if we could dance together, so I’m far more disappointed with her. I’m afraid. It’s not a show, but in general, “Brian said after the show on September 27th. “Similarly, let’s go somewhere together. She’s a dancer, so it scares me junk, so I was as usual. So when I come here, man, if this doesn’t work, It was like I was able to break that dream for her. She has to choose something else, let’s go bungee jumping, or I’m always sky with someone I had a dream of diving. So there is such stress, this is what she does, but can she do it with me? And that’s her suspicion Not. Sure, that’s my own suspicion. “

    Brian Austin Lean and Sharna Burgess snuggle up during the September 27th episode. (ABC)

    Sharna emphasized that Brian was not afraid to disappoint her. NS DWTS Professionals have revealed that they have “different” fears when it comes to their relationships and shows.

    “For me, my fear was that I didn’t want to stress relationship I’m obsessed because I know me as a choreographer and as a coach. I’m tough And I put pressure on it, “Sharna said. “I hope it’s great, and it’s got great results in the past, but now my relationship is my priority over having a great rumba foundation. So I, I too I love it and know how to do it well, but I was wondering how to find the balance of prioritizing relationships, so it’s possible that this competition is outside our relationship. It was my fear that I didn’t want to put anxiety and stress on something. But we have very good communication. We talk about whatever happens. We are really beautiful. I have a relationship, so I don’t think I was worried about that. “

    Couple Danced a sensual rumba During the second week of the contest. Their chemistry is clear, but their performance has not been well received by the judges. They scored 23 out of 40. Sharna revealed that she is looking forward to the tournament in the coming weeks as Style goes further up the alleys of Brian.

    Brian Austin Lean Sharna Burgess
    Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess play rumba. (ABC)

    “Honestly, I’m no longer filming other shows or time limits during rehearsals, so I’m looking forward to teaching Brian any style in the coming weeks,” Sharna told reporters. “For example, in Roomba tonight, I lost three days, so I did all the eight hours of rehearsals in the studio. He was filming another show. When I was observing him as a coach, I think he’ll really sit nicely on the tango and quick steps, the ones in the real ballroom frame. So I’m excited to get into them more. A little hips for when getting to salsa or chacha There is a lot of work to loosen. ” Dance with the stars Season 30 will air on Monday at 8 pm on ABC.

    Brian Austin Green on Sharna Burgess’s relationship and his “DWTS” horror-Hollywood Life

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